Like read/RANT? Want it?

read/RANT launched in March of 2008.  Originally it focused primarily on weekly comic book reviews although it occasionally ventured into other geeky topics.  The site’s founder and all of the original contributors have since moved on to other things.  In 2011 and 2012, the site was doing some pretty good traffic with regular posts.  But since then, posting has been sporadic at best and let’s face it, the site has been pretty much abandoned.

As someone who used to call read/RANT home, I hate to see it in it’s current state.  But my own blog has grown and keeps me too busy to really contribute over here.  So I thought I would open the doors to anyone who wants to take over running read/RANT or contribute to it.   I’m more than happy to hand over complete editorial control to anyone who is interested.  You can make whatever changes you see fit.  Keep writing about comics or rant about something else.  Consider this a blank slate but with a few built-in followers.

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments below.

Avengers Undercover

avengersundercoverIts not too often we get a look at the other side.  Sure DC recently had “Penguin Pain and Prejudice” which was (to me) one of the few bright spots in their New 52, and I know Magneto, perhaps a bit more of an anti-hero than straight out villain, gets his fair share at staring in his own comics.  Even so, comics that focus on villains tend to be few and far between.  More so are comics that focus on the (potential) fall into becoming one.  Something that Hopeless has been doing wonderfully through these first six issues.


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X-Men thoughts (rant)

x-logoFinally catching up on comics.  Still a bit behind, but figured I’d jump in to list off some thoughts on various things happening in the X-Men world.

WARNING!  There will be spoilers if you aren’t up to date.
WARNING!  This will probably not have much coherency in terms of order.
WARNING!  Expect mild language.

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Review: She-Hulk #2 (2014)

She-Hulk #2 continues to put forth a strong argument this character-driven superhero/legal drama is one of the best new books on the shelves as Charles Soule and Javier Pulido follow up an excellent debut with an equally strong second issue.

She Hulk #2 Review

A great second issue is one of the hardest things in all of comicdom to write.  If the first issue is all about setting up the core themes or conflicts of your story, then the second has the much harder job of reiterating those ideas while simultaneously building upon them.  The first is “What is this story going to be about?” and the second, “How?”

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