Catwoman Gets Jealous

Sorry, this is about as random as posts get, but I’m curious. Constantly, one of the biggest reasons people come to read/RANT is because they search for “catwoman gets jealous.” Why do you search for this? When has Catwoman gotten jealous? Is this some sort of password for the Freemasons or Stonecutters? I don’t know, but please, enlighten me in our comment section. Oh, yeah, and:

Please, check out the site!

I like Catwoman. I hope Rachel Weisz does get to play her soon.

6 thoughts on “Catwoman Gets Jealous

  1. Is that pic really NSFW? Nothing’s being shown.

    What’s wrong with a quick post about a popular search? Since I put it up, over 42 people have come here because of “catwoman gets jealous.” It’s marketing that doesn’t cost me a dime, and I get to look at pretty Jim Lee art and the gorgeous Rachel Weisz. Win, win.

    And there have been rumors about Rachel playing Catwoman. I don’t think anything’s been confirmed yet.

  2. Hey, the only nudity I’ve ever posted is a naked ass. That’s it, and Billy did that too.

    Haven’t been any nipples…yet. 😀

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