About read/RANT

read/RANT started as a place for players of the trading card game Vs. to discusss comic books.  When the game ended, the site saw a number of changes.  Those changes continue to this day as contributors come and go (and sometimes come back again).

The one thing that has always remained the same is this: We care about comic books.  We love them enough to rant about them.  (Sometimes we even rave).  Strong opinions are prefered as long as you can back them up (or you are at least entertaining).

We write about whatever interests us.  This usually means posting reviews for the latest comic books.  But we’ll also highlight comic-related news, review movies or TV shows that may be of interest to comic book readers, or write articles on related topics.  Sometimes we’ll go back and look at comic book history or rant about where we think comics are going.

Basically, anything goes!

As is the nature of any good comic book discussion, there may be spoilers.  We’ll try to be considerate and give you a heads-up before we spoil anything major.  But if we goof up, consider this your blanket warning and apology all in one.

And if you disagree with us (and the odds are you will at some point) feel free to jump into the fray.  We love a good debate.  Although we don’t consider “you suck” or the equivalent to be a good debate.  Let’s try to contribute something more than that.  We’ll just assume you think we suck and save you the trouble of posting it every time we find fault with a popular creator.

Thanks for stopping by.  Thanks for reading.  Please come back.  We’ll try to keep things interesting.



3 thoughts on “About read/RANT

    • Thanks! It’s actually a few different writers (we’ve probably had 10-12 different contributors since we started writing in 2008). We always slow down a bit around the holidays, though – rest assured, we’ll be back up and at ’em as soon as possible.

      Hope you enjoy!

      • Indeed. I had to slow down due to semester end and focusing on school. I should be back in action this week’s releases and hope to get back to finishing my TT Retrospective for Vol. 3 of the Teen Titans.

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