Review: Sex Criminals #1

Matt Fraction’s new indie sex-comedy gets off to a surprisingly mournful start in this sharp new comic from Image.

Sex Criminals 1 cover

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Review: Hawkeye #9

Hawkeye #9 widens the world of Fraction’s story but maintains it’s almost unbelievable quality in a story that focuses on the ladies of Hawkeye’s life – Mockingbird, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, and Kate – finding out just how deep a hole Clint has dug for himself.


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Review: The Defenders #1

The Defenders #1, cover by the Dodsons

I’ve always had a fondness for the Defenders.  The team is always a colorful collection of characters, B-listers with more power than popularity, and the writers are generally willing to throw some pretty fascinating challenges at them.  But because of the eccentricity of the book, it’s never been Marvel’s most popular team.  Current Marvel golden boy Matt Fraction and a fantastic team of artists start trying to change that perception with the profoundly strange debut issue of The Defenders, a Fear Itself spin-off with a fantastic cast and a breakneck pace.

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Review – Fear Itself #5 (of 7)

Fear Itself is not very exciting to write about.  I don’t think I’m supposed to say that, as a critic.  But where the wildly uneven Flashpoint provides something fascinating and bizarre each month, even if they aren’t  often good things, the workman like Fear Itself is hard to get excited about.  Call it event fatigue.  I feel bad punishing Fraction for telling what has thus far been a surprisingly well-paced, largely exciting action book, but I’d rather read the daring, inconsistent Final Crisis or the legitimately epic, occasionally dull and draggy Annihilation than yet another story, even a pretty good one, where the Avengers have to beat up a god.

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Review: Fear Itself #3

Marvel’s summer event, Fear Itself, seems to be succeeding by sheer force of will… but succeeding it undeniably  is.  Where Flashpoint is continually tripping over itself trying to decide what it wants to be, Fear Itself has thus far proven to be a solid example of the apocalyptic action genre, and in this, it’s best issue to date, it continues that theme.  This is no stumbling block for Fraction and Co., but instead the issue that really puts Steve Rogers, Thor and Tony Stark against the grindstone.

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Top 5 Best Comics of April 2011


I read 21 comics in April, and these were the best.

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Top 5 Best Comics of February 2011


I read 20 comics in February, and these were the best.

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