That’s right!  Trump became a villain(?) and king recently in Marvel’s Spider-Gwen Annual #1!

So recent Spider-Gwen Annual is a fun affair.  It gives a fairly nice view at some of Earth-65’s world beyond what we’ve currently seen.  While I’ve absolutely been loving Spider-Gwen, I’m very happy this issue isn’t a focus just on her life and history.  Along with that we got a nice view into Earth-65’s Captain America to a point that I really want to learn more about her character now and her connection with Steve Rogers, her former adventures, and current ones too.  Seriously Marvel, start up a Captain America 65!

Probably the strangest thing to hit from this issue though was Mental Organism Designed As America’s King (MODAAK).  Sure, they never actually call it Trump or Donald, but how can you deny this?!

Just look at that face!  The allusion to “Make America Great Again” and a jab about hands!  There can’t be anyway this isn’t a jab at Trump!  Is it bad I really want to know if this MODAAK Trump is really King of America, or if it’s just an odd naming bit?

Also, yes I know I need to get hold of a scanner, phone pics of comic pages aren’t great.


About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. I use to love DC, but events pretty much starting with the New 52 had pushed me off of them for years. Lately though titles like Gotham Academy and We Are Robin have brought me back to them. I'm much more still a Marvel fan though at this moment who I moved to since New 52 slowly kept pushing me away from DC. Often a fan of X-Men titles while I've really been loving Spider-Gwen series. Film wise I'm upset at DC though I really really want them to do good. At least their TV series are mostly enjoyable (though Arrow has dipped in quality), while I'm a huge fan of the Marvel films. Also, I still really hate Dan Didio and still view him as at least most of what has been going wrong with DC comic wise lately.

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