Review: Batman #14


It seems in this DCnU that small crossovers are going to be rather common place.  H’el on Earth, Rise of the Third Army, Throne of Atlantis, etc.  Heck, it wasn’t too long back that Court/Night of the Owls finished up.  For the Batfamily we currently are getting Death of the Family, with Batman #14 being the latest issue.  Be careful of spoilers…

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The Krypton Awards


Having read ALL of the New 52 comics to date, I figured I was well-placed to present some awards based on the first six months of the relaunch. 

It’s going to be subjective as hell, but what random blog isn’t?

And apologies for the terrible name I’m giving these awards.  Haha. 

Without further ado …

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Review: Batman #5

Batman #5

I haven’t reviewed Scott Snyder’s Batman in awhile.  It’s not because I haven’t been reading, or because it hasn’t been worth discussing.  By and large, I don’t review it on a monthly basis because openly gushing month after month would grow embarrassing pretty quickly — and this is a book worth gushing about.  Batman #5 continues Snyder’s winning streak, telling a chilling story that pits Batman against a truly worthy foe in a creepy, surreal, issue-long manhunt.

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4 DC reviews in 5 or less sentences each.

Sorry on the lack of full reviews, and lack of images even in this post.  I just want to get in a few reviews here, but don’t have the energy with the holiday hustle to do a full review for each comic.  So instead I’ll be doing short paragraph reviews for the following issue 4s: Batman, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern Corps, and Nightwing.

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Batman Year One special: 2011 Batman Creative Team

Within the special features is an interesting interview.  It is led by Mike Uslan with Dennis O’Neil, Dan Didio, and Scott Snyder commenting on various aspects of Batman as well as DC comics itself at times.

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Review: Swamp Thing #1

“Better late than never,” my Mum often says.  Perhaps no one understands this better than comic book fans in Australia.  While our peers in America are enjoying this week’s comics and writing new reviews, we’re waiting for our comics to arrive (fingers crossed for tomorrow).  And, since I don’t have anything better to do while I wait for said comics, I figured I’d review the one New 52 comic from last week that hasn’t been fully reviewed on read/rant as yet. 

“Last but not least,” is another Mum-ism … and that’s also a very apt description of Swamp Thing #1, which was comfortably one of the three best debut issues from the first two weeks of DCnU.

As always, there may be spoilers ahead.

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