Advanced Review: The Incredibles: Family Matters #2

Incredibles Family Matters #2 (of 4)

Note: The Incredibles: Family Matters #2 arrives in stores tomorrow, May 20.

So, The Incredibles are basically a Fantastic Four rip-off, right? Well, the one Incredibles movie was better than both Fantastic Four movies. I’m not sure why they never made an Incredibles sequel, but now, in comic form, through the eyes of Mark Waid and Marcio Takara, we finally get our Incredibles sequel.

Continuing the “rip-off” theme, the main plot is something you’ve probably heard of before. Mr. Incredible is losing his powers. Again, just like in the movie, the lack of originality doesn’t hinder the quality much. Because honestly, when I’m reading an Incredibles comic, I’m not looking for a medium-changing Watchmen, I’m just looking for a good time.

Mark Waid’s story is entertaining enough. He realizes that the best parts of the movie weren’t the battles, but the superhero antics. And thankfully, we’re treated to plenty of that. Since Mr. Incredible is losing his powers, you can expect plenty of events to showcase his shortcomings. My favorite involves a friendly game of basketball with a neighbor. I would think it’d be a relief to actually lose for once in your life. Then again, winning is fun.

Marcio Takara handles the art chores. His work isn’t anything to write home about, but he certainly gets the job done. His work is consistent and he captures the spirit of the lovable family. His strength, like Waid’s writing, lies in the comedic antics.

Probably the book’s biggest fault is the absence of the colorful voices belonging to Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson, but, since this is a comic, I’m not too upset. If you’re looking for a fun book that the kids and you can enjoy, or if you’re just a big Incredibles fan, this is definitely worth your time.

Grade: B-

For more comic goodness, go here.


9 thoughts on “Advanced Review: The Incredibles: Family Matters #2

  1. That’s too bad. Samuel L. Jackson is 60, Craig T. Nelson is 65, and Holly Hunter is 51, so Bird better not wait too long or their voices will change! Or, um, death.

    So, yeah, you may want to give this book a shot. It is Mark Waid, and he’s cool.

  2. Oh, and you follow Disney over comics? What’s wrong with you?

    I am looking forward to “Up.” Pixar can do no wrong.

    And check my Top Ten Films of 2008 list! A Disney film is on there.

  3. I love “Fantasia.”

    Talk about history, it was a huge bomb. Disney had theatres pay to install Fantasound, our first introduction to multi-channel sound. It had a huge budget, and nobody saw the thing. Not until the 60’s when druggies loved it.

    But it’s beautiful! It was top of its class in animation and sound, and I believe it inspired the classical music/cartoons combination that continued for decades.

    What a beautiful film!

  4. How could you walk away from comics? You need to find something to love, man.

    Even if I was broken and homeless, I’d find a way to continue reading Grant Morrison. I love that Scot. Oh, and I’d try to keep reading Walking Dead, if I could.

  5. What? Movies, books, and TV cost money too.

    What do you enjoy more that costs less (Sex doesn’t count)? Comics are three dollars. What the hell costs under three dollars? Pencils? Candy?

    It’s a really, really close call between Movies and Comics, but I think Comics are the best medium. It’s one of the few places where you can enjoy art. You have almost complete freedom. The possibilities are endless.

    C’mon. You know you can’t go a month without hearing about how cool Hal is.

  6. “And, sure, I could stare at comic book art for hours. But I would not find that remotely entertaining. I read comics for the story. The art either enhances or detracts from the story. But I will rarely read or drop a book solely on the basis of the art.”

    Oh, I know. I’m the same way. Thankfully, most of the stuff I read has great art. Maybe I just love art.

    I’m in the middle of rereading Seven Soldiers. All eight artists on those books are guys I like.

    JH Williams III
    Ryan Sook
    Frazier Irving
    Simone Bianchi
    Cameron Stewart
    Freddie Williams II
    Yanick Paquette
    Doug Mahnke

    Oh, sure, I like some better than others, but that’s a pretty sweet list right there. I’m hoping Multiversity is similiar.

  7. “Yeah, it’s hard to beat Seven Soldiers. It was a better “event” than Final Crisis. (It helps that it was self-contained.)”

    Ooh, I don’t know about that. I have a profound connection with Final Crisis, like Green Lantern. Maybe it’s more gas.

    Seven Soldiers wasn’t totally self-contained. That three-part JLA Classified story was the prequel.

    I think, considering all the deadlines, pressure, and hype that FC had to deal with, and SS didn’t, FC is more admirable. But I do love Seven Soldiers.

    “If Multiversity can be on the same level as Seven Soldiers, I’ll be a happy reader.”

    Won’t we all? No. A lot of people haven’t even read SS. It’s from that lunatic, Grant Morrison.

  8. But they always do that to Morrison. Morrison creates, and it gets washed away. Morrison even made a point of that in Final Crisis.

    Stories were sucked up by Mandrakk, or Dan DiDio.

    Seven Soldiers was original and entertianing. Final Crisis was that, plus the summation of Morrison’s entire career. Just about all his previous DC books were in their in one way or another, in addition to a commentary on the idea of a “story.”

    Superman writing “To Be Continued” on that tombstone was one of the best last pages ever. It’s easy to say that just Superman Beyond was the best, but that is part of Final Crisis as a whole.

    I’m glad DC is packaging everything, except those two Batman issues, into one package. I’ll try to wait for an absolute edition.

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