Review: Teen Titans #1

Putting aside my annoyance that the last group of Teen Titans (volume 3) had their history completely erased… Well this issue is pretty darn good.

Spoiler Warning!

We begin with Kid Flash showing up at a fire to put it out.  He is back to being rather reckless flying into a building that the fire department had under control opening nearly every door and causing a back draft that turns the entire building into one giant fire ball.  Kid Flash himself ends up lying in the grass injured and the one fireman inside somehow makes it out in one piece.  It is unclear if Kid Flash saved the man or got thrown out of the building, but its clear that this Kid Flash has pretty much no experience.  We do however get to see Kid Flash shouting off a fact somewhat similar to what Kid Flash did at the start of Teen Titans volume 3 after giving up the Impulse identity.

Mean while in a Lex Tower pent house in New York – we find Tim Drake working on computers that remind me of the movie Minority Report.  What Tim is doing here I have no clue.  He’s got notes up on various teen metas including Kid Flash, Static, Miss Martian, someone I’m pretty sure is Raven, another that I’m thinking may be Solstice who appeared in the very final issues of Teen Titans volume 3, and a couple others.  Oddly too, Tim has a wonderful picture of him as Robin and Batman over what I’d guess is Gotham (just who took that picture?).  This part is pretty detrimental though for Tim soon gets some visitors that let us find out mostly what is going on: NOWHERE is kidnapping teenaged metas and Tim is trying to take them on.

Off to Cali we find Cassie speeding along in a stolen car.  First she acts like a blonde bimbo just on a joy ride stating the car is her mom’s when she gets pulled over by the police (rather a NOWHERE agent in disguise).  Red Robin saves her, and she continues to act the bimbo role until a helicopter shows up and Tim calls her Wonder Girl one too many times.  It apparently pisses her off for some reason.  With the threat gone we get moved to the NOWHERE lab where Superboy is kept and see the man who first confronted Tim in the penthouse demanding Superboy get released to do some actual field work.  Along with the final page of Superboy looking incredibly bad ass, we get the title of this issue “Teen Spirit” (go Nirvana!) written up in a style reminding me of the Teen Titans cartoon.

Lobdell does a pretty good job with this issue, but I don’t find it hitting quite the level of his work in Superboy #1.  That might be me though still being a little upset at the changes made on the characters and the erasure of the last Teen Titans group.  Kid Flash’s personality I can deal with as long as he gets a bit smarter and better after a few issues.  Seeing Cassie how she was though, I just don’t know what to think.  I’m not in a rage over it, but it isn’t like I’m happy either.  Basically she goes to playing a bimbo but not wanting Tim’s help, to being pissed that Tim called her Wonder Girl a couple times and still not wanting Tim’s help, to suddenly acting like a scared teenager at least somewhat confiding in Tim.  Not to forget that she’s stealing things like cars to take on joy rides.  Also, she has bracers that appear to tie into her powers which might just be a nod to how she started.

In terms of the costumes, I’m kind of liking Cassie’s, Kid Flash is not in his actual uniform yet but what he does wear looks ridiculous to say the least, and though I liked the images of Red Robin I’ve seen, actually seeing the costume in issue (mostly how the wings hang while not in use) has turned me off a bit from it.  Booth’s art is nicely inked and colored by Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse though.  As for Lobdell, I think I pretty much stated its a good job and I like where this comic seems to be going for the most part.

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