DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 30

So, now I’m at least one full week behind.  Crippling dental pain has kept me from reading, let alone critiquing.  But I’m determined to get through this month and close the chapter on my “read every DC comic every week” experiment.

As usual, each comic is scored out of five.

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead, although I try to avoid them.

Swamp Thing #8
Epic issue, culminating in the long-gestating battle between the hero and Sethe, the lord of the Rot – 4.5

Animal Man #8
A couple of WTF moments (both bad and good) kept me on my toes from the start to the finish of this issue, in which Buddy has to protect his family from a swarm of zombie animals – 4

Justice League International #8
A strong continuation of last month’s outstanding issue, which was once again uncharacteristically – for this title historically – serious in tone, although I found the end to be a little odd and less enjoyable – 4

Batwing #8
A strong finish to the Batman of Africa’s first story line, despite a mostly predictable twist, with the expanded Gotham supporting cast guest-starring – 4

Stormwatch #8
At times this title risks losing me (in terms of comprehension) but if I manage to hang on it all seems worth it in the end, which was the case with this issue, in which the team dabbles in some crazy science mumbo-jumbo to try to rescue Apollo and save the universe from the Gravity Miners, with the Midnighter’s actions against a teammate a highlight – 3.5

O.M.A.C. #8
Starting strongly, with emotionally-charged narration from O.M.A.C.’s alter-ego, Kevin Kho, it should have stopped while it was ahead and switched focus to the action, because that same narration became distractingly cliched and pointless, but that said it was a decent final issue – 3.5

Green Arrow #8
Weird, weird, weird … this issue isn’t unentertaining, but it’s so strange that I’m not quite sure what to make of it – 3.5

Action Comics #8
I’m sure that other people enjoyed this conclusion to the first story arc a lot more than I did, but between my lack of enthusiasm for Superman generally and Morrison’s writing on occasions, I’m mostly apathetic towards this issue … it certainly isn’t bad – 3

Men of War #8
I agree with others that, while this is a decent enough story about Frankenstein’s old war exploits, it’s a very disappointing – and completely out of tone – final issue for this title – 3

Static Shock #8
A great start kind of ends up going nowhere as most of the issue is Virgil recapping his personal history – minus some key details – for the school counsellor – 3

Red Lanterns #8
This title is starting to find a unique voice, but in doing so it’s going through some weird developments, I had trouble following this issue at times (if they explained the character of Abysmus last issue, I can’t remember it) and didn’t enjoy some story elements – 3

Detective Comics #8
Sadly, I still think this is the weakest of the core Bat books by a fair margin, with the primary story involving Scarecrow and the earlier-established character of Eli Strange feeling mostly pointless, and the Two-Face centred backup story being interesting but, again, I wasn’t sure where it was going – 2.5

Hawk and Dove #8
Not being an American resident, the early (and heavy) gridiron references were a little lost on me, and what followed was mostly cliched and pretty shallow, as this not-even-mediocre series drew to a close – 2

Night Force #2 (of 7)
As much as I normally like horror, I just couldn’t get into this issue and was bored silly reading it – 2

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4 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 30

  1. Last week I ordered some of the 10th issues of New 52 comics, and I thought that, since 10 is a round figure, it was the right time for a first overall view. First of all, I noticed that I ordered at least an issue of only 18 out of the 52 series: this means that 2 DC new series out of 3 never even caught my attention, so perhaps people are right when they say that 52 series are too many. Passing from quantity to quality, I found myself very satisfied of the series I tried. Of course some of them were a waste of time and money, like Green Arrow (I used to like it so much…), but generally speaking in my opinion this new deal has been successful so far. I always read both Marvel and DC, and, before the New 52 had started, I had always thought Marvel comics were the best ones: now, for the first time in my life, I changed my mind about it. At present Marvel publishes only 3 interesting series (Daredevil, Punisher and Avengers Academy in order of quality), and none of them reaches the quality of my favourite DC series, whose number is much higher than 3.

    • Yeah, I think I was collecting about 26 – so half – in the beginning, up from the 14 or so I had pre-ordered … so books like Swamp Thing and Animal Man, which I initially wasn’t interested in, won me over. I think I’ve pared that 26 back to about 18-20 now (a couple of books are on the chopping block) and there are a couple of books, namely The Shade, Suicide Squad and Stormwatch, which didn’t hook me in the beginning, but I kind of wish I was getting now.

      PS – Green Arrow is poo … which upsets me because I was a big Ollie fan prior to the reboot.

      • Even if you’re enjoying the new direction, the first six or so issues of GA were terrible. The new direction isn’t quite to my taste, but at least it’s interesting. I just don’t like what they’ve done with the character. I think they’ve made him generic and bland.

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