This Week In Comics: 4/18/2012

This week in comics, Wonder Woman #8 takes us to the underworld, the Avengers and the X-Men hit each other some more, and

It's important to point out that this is the greatest cover in the history of comics. Basically.

As I mentioned last week, I’m trying something different.  All my comics for the week will get at least a mini-review here; the ones that demand more will get more.  Last week, only two books really needed more said about them.  We’ll see how I’m feeling about this week’s haul.

Now, let’s get started!

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2

Look, you know what happens here, right?  The Avengers and the X-Men fight.  If you are looking to read a book in which Avengers fight X-Men and each fight gets 1-2 pages and some pleasantly purple prose, this is for you.  There’s some fun stuff, but so far it feels pretty typical.  (B. Marvel Comics, $3.99)

Batman #8

Let the Night of Owls begin!  Snyder kicks off his Batfamily crossover in style with “The Call”, an issue that finds the Talons laying siege to Wayne Manor while a still-recovering Bruce is forced to fight for his life.  It’s a simple way to kick off the event, but Greg Capullo’s art is energetic, the fight scenes are great, and Snyder has come up with an excellent way to bring the Batfamily into the thick of things.  I can’t wait for more.  (A. DC Comics, $3.99)

Catwoman #8

Ever since the conclusion of Catwoman‘s electrifying first arc, the book has never felt quite as vital.  The first arc had real stakes and emotions, but Catwoman #8 continues an arc that has felt incredibly light-weight from the get-go.  This issue sets up Catwoman #9, which will bring the character in conflict with the Court of Owls as she tries to rob one of their assassination targets, and it introduces her to the running ‘kidnapped hookers’ plot that will presumably be picked up later.  Solid stuff, but it’s lost the frenetic edge that made it stand out in its earliest issues. (B. DC Comics, $2.99)

Justice League #8

Geoff Johns’ Justice League has been a tough nut for me to crack.  On the one hand, the action is shallow and the storytelling is incredibly simplistic.  On the other hand, the book… well, when it’s on, it can be a lot of fun.  This issue continues that trend, cycling through a series of vignettes where a young Green Arrow tries his best to impress the League and falls flat, every time.  The issue fills out some League history with brief snippets of storytelling, hints at a much larger story, and shows that Johns has a good handle on the League’s character interactions.

His “Shazam!” back-ups, however, have not been as enjoyable.  I understand that ‘gritty reboots’ are all the rage right now, but this is just silly.  Hopefully, it’s building to something strong. (B. DC Comics, $3.99)

The Punisher #10 (Part 2 of The Omega Effect)

Last week’s Avenging Spider-Man got this crossover off to a great start.  But the story takes a dive this week as the fairly simple plot gets padded for space, as in a two-page interlude where Daredevil and Spider-Man have to deliver a baby.  There’s definitely some good stuff buried in here, and the Punisher/Alves/Spider-Man/Daredevil team-up is a good one, but it will take an incredibly strong third act to make this crossover worth all the build-up.  Rucka is a talented writer while Checchetto and Hollingsworth do good work on the art, but this was far from the best The Punisher has to offer. (B. Marvel Comics. $2.99)

Wonder Woman #8

Besides featuring what may well be the coolest Wonder Woman cover ever, Wonder Woman #8 was a return to form for an uneven but oft-excellent title.   Chiang’s art is gorgeous – his design of Diana’s battle armor is fantastic – and Azzarello’s script is fairly tight, though the sequence in the underworld isn’t nearly as creepy as it probably should have been.  Still, Azzarello’s ongoing plot remains fascinating, and the issue’s cliffhanger is, if not surprising, then at least very, very interesting. (A-. DC Comics. $2.99)

Cal C.


3 thoughts on “This Week In Comics: 4/18/2012

  1. It’s funny before I even read the caption I thought, Wow I hope that’s a poster and not a cover. It rocks! Cheers.

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  3. Being a full week behind you means I come to the party late with your articles (I generally don’t want to read reviews until after I’ve read the comics).

    The only thing I can think to comment is that I wonder if Chiang’s artwork, as great as it is, is suited to doing “creepy”. I liked the corpse-statue things, but Hades looks pretty silly to me. Hermes is actually creepier for mine because of those taloned bird feet.

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