Review: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse #4

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse #4 (of 5)


If you’ve read more than thirty comics, you’re familiar with this type of issue. It’s a middle of an arc comic and it’s awful wordy. That’s a bit puzzling since this is part four of a five-part series. There aren’t any signs of things wrapping up soon so I guess they’ll be another mini? I hope so. I talked with Ron Lim about it and he said there’d be another series if this book sold. I really hope it has. It’s terrible when you can’t have a conclusion. I mean, I could purchase Hamilton’s actual books, but who wants to read something without pictures?

This issue is filled with talking heads. The test is always how entertaining those heads are. This was a decent issue. Sadly, due to the episodic nature of comics, I’m forced to admit that the writing here is mediocre. However, Ron Lim is there to save the day. Lim knows exactly how to draw this comic. Whether it’s the expressions or Anita’s movements, Lim nails it all. I only wish a better colorist were on this project. There are times when Joel Seguin made Anita look pale in one panel and tan in the next. It was a bit distracting, but this issue’s art is the undeniable star of the show.

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