DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 29

And so ends the seventh month of One Sentence Reviews, complete with an updated leaderboard.  It’s getting harder and I already know I’m going to have to consider what to do when the second wave of New 52 titles commence (it’d be silly to continue as I am).  What that will mean I’m not yet sure … but in the meantime I’m sorry for the lateness of this week’s article and need to apologise in advance for next week’s, since I haven’t read a single issue of that batch at this stage.

As usual, each comic is scored out of five. 

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead, although I try to avoid them.

Aquaman #7
This lands right in my comic reading sweet spot – I really dig Black Manta – it’s a great start to a new storyline and I loved the economy of words and gritty violence (Johns even limits himself to just one half joke), while Reis’ artwork continues to be amazing – 4.5

The Flash #7
A great improvement on previous issues, this was fast-paced and carried genuine emotional weight, as Flash pushes himself too far in trying to stop Captain Cold and save people he cares about – 4.5

Superman #7
Now this is more like it, other than the villain’s inclination to deliver lots of exposition by talking to himself, this was  great issue that nicely balanced superheroics and Daily Planet scenes (on a side note, though, is “I got this”/”I have this”/”We got this” and variants a new, official DC catchphrase, because I’m noticing it A LOT … it’s here and also in Hawkman this week) – 4

All Star Western #7
This title started promisingly but a couple of stumbles and a few annoying elements crueled my proper enjoyment of it, but in recent issues the writers seem to have improved the recipe, as this issue shifts location to New Orleans, features some intriguing ‘underground’ boxing and co-stars Nighthawk and Cinnamon – 4

The Fury of Firestorm #7
This such a complicated title and sometimes it feels like the creators’ ambitions far exceed their capabilities, but this issue came the closest to hitting that lofty target, with a story line rich in moral, scientific, political and commercial dilemma – 4

Justice League Dark #7
The first part in the Rise of the Vampires crossover with I, Vampire, I was especially impressed with the two fill-in artists, who not only complemented Janin’s style but also each other’s, while the story was okay and the character touches spot on – 4

I, Vampire #7
The secret to this title’s success (creatively rather than commercially) is the way it conveys tone – its blacks, whites and reds perfectly matching story and dialogue … even if this issue is part of a dreaded crossover – 4

Green Lantern – New Guardians #7
Very talk, but still entertaining issue, as the Skittles Squad continues to battle the powerful space angel, Invictus – 3.5

Batman – The Dark Knight #7
An enjoyable but not stellar conclusion to the story arc, but one scene tripped me up and it was really the worst point of the story to be snapped out of it – 3.5

Blackhawks #7
Following the explosive cliffhanger from the last issue, it takes this one a little to get into gear, providing a lot of information in the first half and establishing the villain before some good action unfolds – 3.5

The Savage Hawkman #7
This is one of the things that irritates me about the New 52 – in #1 I interpreted it that Carter Hall had already been Hawkman for some period of time but now wanted to get rid of the Nth Metal armour and weapons (only to have them bond to him), but in this isuue it’s like the media and the guest-starring Static have never heard of him (heck, I even vaguely remember a reference to Hawkman in Static Shock #1) … besides all that, this was actually a much improved issue that I enjoyed more than any that came before it – 3.5

Teen Titans #7
There’s some good parts in this issue, in which the team infiltrates NOW.H.E.R.E. in an attempt to rescue Superboy, but overall I found it a bit too chaotic, while Danny the Street was too weird and confusing for my liking – 3

Legion – Secret Origin #6 (of 6)
This final issue very tidily wraps up the miniseries and has a good balance of action, characterisation and plot … it still isn’t quite my cup of tea, but it’s a solid comic – 3

Voodoo #7
I starting toonder if I’m a bit of a Wildstorm snob, because – with the exception of Stormwatch – I haven’t overly enjoyed any of these immigrants to the DCU, and this issue was no real exception … like previous issues it was okay, if a bit confusing, but not particularly good – 2.5

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Please note, since a title is only as good as its last issue, the books are ranked firstly by their average score, then their most recent score (shown in brackets).

In summary, Swamp Thing has regained top spot from Animal Man since last month, while Aquaman, Stormwatch and Suicide Squad had a bit of a surge.  Meanwhile Justice League took a tumble, losing six places, with its disappointing #7.  There was also a shuffling of the deck chairs at the bottom of the ladder, with Hawk and Dove taking a turn in 52nd after The Savage Hawkman and Legion of Super-Heroes had taken their turns anchoring the list in recent months.


1. Swamp Thing – 4.4 (4.5)

2. Animal Man – 4.3 (4.5)

3. Batman – 4.2 (4.5)

=4. Aquaman – 4 (4.5)

=4. Batman and Robin – 4 (4.5)

6. Resurrection Man – 4 (3.5)

=7. Batwoman – 3.9 (4)

=7. Justice League Dark – 3.9 (4)

9. Stormwatch – 3.7 (4.5)

=10. Batwing – 3.7 (4)

=10. Green Lantern – 3.7 (4)

12. Birds of Prey – 3.7 (3.5)

13. Suicide Squad – 3.6 (4.5)

14. I, Vampire – 3.6 (4)

=15. Batman – The Dark Knight – 3.6 (3.5)

=15. Green Lantern Corps – 3.6 (3.5)

17. Blue Beetle – 3.6 (3)

18. Wonder Woman – 3.5 (4)

=19. Batgirl – 3.5 (3.5)

=19. Blackhawks – 3.5 (3.5)

21. Justice League International – 3.4 (4.5)

22. Action Comics – 3.4 (4)

=23. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – 3.4 (3.5)

=23. Green Lantern – New Guardians – 3.4 (3.5)

=23. Supergirl – 3.4 (3.5)

=26. Demon Knights – 3.4 (3)

=26. Teen Titans – 3.4 (3)

28. Justice League – 3.4 (2.5)

29. The Flash – 3.3 (4.5)

30. Nightwing – 3.3 (3.5)

31. Catwoman – 3.3 (3)

=32. Deathstroke – 3.2 (3.5)

=32. Superboy – 3.2 (3.5)

34. Detective Comics – 3.2 (3)

35. Men of War – 3.1 (4.5)

36. All Star Western – 3.1 (4)

=37. O.M.A.C. – 3.1 (3)

=37. Red Lanterns – 3.1 (3)

39. Captain Atom – 3.1 (2.5)

=40. Red Hood and the Outlaws – 2.9 (2.5)

=40. Voodoo – 2.9 (2.5)

42. Mister Terrific – 2.9 (2)

43. Static Shock – 2.8 (4)

44. Legion Lost – 2.8 (3.5)

=45. The Fury of Firestorm – 2.7 (4)

=45. Superman – 2.7 (4)

47. DC Universe Presents – 2.6 (1.5)

48. Grifter – 2.5 (3)

49. Green Arrow – 2.4 (2.5)

50. Legion of Super-Heroes – 2.1 (2.5)

51. The Savage Hawkman – 1.9 (3.5) 

52. Hawk and Dove – 1.9 (1.5)


About ikeebear

I'm a 30-something father, husband, writer, comic collector, general nerd (in order of significance). I'm a newspaper journalist/editor by profession and currently work in professional communications. I'm also a very ill-disciplined novel writer, having tinkered for too long to produce too little.

7 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 29

  1. I don’t think Aquaman is for you, to be honest. I recognise that what Johns is doing isn’t high art, but it’s definitely stimulating my pleasure centre (Black Manta is like an even scarier Darth Vader … under water). But that’s me.

    That said, I’m particularly enjoying the economy of his writing, especially as there are plenty of examples in the New 52 of writers who are following the “more is more” style.

    The Flash #7 surprised me, because I have been finding it very mediocre. It just reinforces my view that, with the help of a more competent writing partner, the creative team on this book could be killing it.

    I think, due to personal tastes, Aquaman, Batwoman and Green Lantern are ranked higher in my leaderboard than they would be in other people’s. Similarly, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, Superboy and Men of War are probably lower in my list.

    • That’s a situation I found myself into a lot of times. I often like comics that people can’t stand, or dislike others that people are all excited about. And I could say the same thing for movies, music and so on. I like niche products, that’s all. In fact, I often order not only Marvel and DC comics, but also the Drawn & Quarterly ones, especially the so called “slice of life” graphic novels (I love them!). I’ve been reading your reviews and charts for some weeks, and I still don’t understand where your tastes run to. You seem to like both big titles and outsiders, classic superheroes and antiheroes, and so on. My tastes seem to be more defined. My favourite comics are the ones with a dark style and an urban setting (in a word, Batman and all the comics related or similar to it). Since I’m a big fan of 90s teen dramas like Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson’s Creek, I also enjoy comics about young superheroes who face not only this villain or that, but also their youth problems. That’s why I love Nightwing so much: it’s a dark and urban series, focused on a young adult with a much more interesting private life than the one of his adoptive father. What about you? What is required to let you say “I like this comic book”?

    • Hi wwayne,

      Wow, what an interesting – and in some ways challenging – question. Thank you for asking it.

      I have to confess that I haven’t quite considered it before.

      I want to think about it for a while (at least today). I might even write an article about it.

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  3. I remember myself having read a lot of negative reviews about Lobdell’s New 52 works (we even talked about it, some weeks ago), so I ordered Teen Titans # 7 to clarify whether he had lost his magic touch. I breathed a sigh of relief: he’s still a very good writer. Anyway, I agree about what you all had written to me when we talked about him: his New 52 works have a lot of flaws. For example, in Teen Titans # 7 there are too many dialogues, and a villain who was so obviously a Dr. Octopus clone. Let’s say that he’s not a perfect writer anymore, but he still manages to entertain his readers.

    • Agreed. I think he’s doing a decent job, but I personally feel it’s a little dated – it feels 90s old school, when I thought the New 52 was supposed to be fresh. A lot of guys around here are loving his work. I think I’ve been one of the most critical, and I quite enjoyed his work back in the day, when I was a pretty big X-fan.

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