DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 31

Still behind, but starting to catch up.  It helped that there were a lot of good comics this week.  The first two I read were both 4.5s.

As usual, each comic is scored out of five.

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead, although I try to avoid them.

Batman and Robin #8
Do I like this issue more because I’m a dad and can relate to many of the issues writer Tomasi dabbles in here … I’m sure the answer is yes, but I greatly enjoyed every panel on every page of this epilogue to the Nobody storyline – 4.5

The Shade #7 (of 12)
I was full of anticipation as I started to read this issue, previous issues had been so good, and writer Robinson didn’t let me down, this was an outstanding conclusion to the Barcelona/La Sangre storyline – 4.5

Green Lantern #8
The first five pages of this issue is why I get such a – albeit guilty – kick out of villains fulfilling hero roles, as Sinestro is so utterly badass, while the gradual revelations about the Indigo Tribe in the rest of the issue is managed quite well – 4.5

Suicide Squad #8
Focusing on Amanda Waller and seeding an interesting traitor-within plot, this issue has just about everything I’ve come to expect and enjoy from this title – 4

Batgirl #8
This issue threw me in places (especially as I haven’t read Batman – Black Mirror … and Googling to understand parts of this issue has probably spoiled parts of that story for me) but one element of the story, involving a bad guy from Babs’ past is a MAJOR home run for me – 4

Legion Lost #8
Tying into the plits of Teen Titans and Superboy, this issue still retained a strong Legion flavour and focus, as the team is attacked by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s Ravagers – 4 

Resurrection Man #8
Although it ends with a tease to a crossover (a pet hate of mine), this is a great issue, in which Mitch continues to search for answers regarding his past while being pursued by two mysterious investigators – 4

Deathstroke #8
It’s a crying shame that this title is about to have Liefeld inflicted upon it, but if you’re a fan and you’re planning to bail, this is a very worthy final issue, dealing with important issues relating to fathers and sons – 4

Demon Knights #8
One of the better issues for this title recently, with a dual-edged recoxunting of how Xanadu and the Demon/Jason Blood hooked up – 4

Grifter #8
I think it’s pretty clear now that Cole should avoid commercial air travel – bad things happen when he rides in planes – that said this titles continues to not particularly interest me, but this issue is fast, action-packed, eventful and has a couple of good lines/scenes – 3.5

Batwoman #8
Wow, I had a hard time getting over the first word balloon of this issue, which I thought (while I could be wrong) wasn’t something a realistic lesbian character would say, in fact I thought it was exploitive – why does homosexuality have to be depicted as a defining characteristic, Lobdell is doing a much better job with Bunker in Teen Titans – otherwise I’m still not completely enjoying the non-sequential storytelling being used in this arc – 3

Superboy #8
I think I have too much baggage (having read Superboy, Teen Titans and Gen 13 comics in the past), it’s too different in a lot of ways – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for other readers – I will say this, though, I imagine it might be hard to follow this if you haven’t also read Teen Titans – 2.5

Frankenstein – Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #8
I was looking forward to this issue after last issue’s set-up, but it didn’t really live up to those expectations, as the son of Frank and the Bride featured very little and wasn’t really what I was hoping for in a character – 2.5

Mister Terrific #8
I was hoping this wildly inconsisent title would end on a high, with the cool, fun science themes and great action beats it’s featured when at its best, but instead this issue gives us the weird, convoluted science, with the boring corporate plot in a wordy attempt to wrap things up quickly – 1.5

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I'm a 30-something father, husband, writer, comic collector, general nerd (in order of significance). I'm a newspaper journalist/editor by profession and currently work in professional communications. I'm also a very ill-disciplined novel writer, having tinkered for too long to produce too little.

12 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 31

  1. I wanted to give a try to Voodoo, buying the TP that will come out in September, but the reviews I read on the Internet made me think that maybe it has a too complicated plot: what can you tell me about it?

    • The plot is pretty simple, IMO. I’ve found the last issue or two a bit more confusing but that’s because I’m probably not reading it as carefully as I normally would a comic I’m enjoying more. I think I might be a bit of a Wildstorm snob … but otherwise I’d say it’s okay and if your tastes run that way, then you might enjoy it.

    • I gave up on Voodoo semi-recently. I did legitimately enjoy the first few issues, and I assure you that the plot was not terribly complicated by then, but it did definitely take a slight turn for the confusing by the time I gave up.

      • You are not the first person writing that Voodoo’s plot has gone confusing, but now I am too curious, and I will surely order Voodoo TP anyway. Thank you as well! : )

      • Dive right in! Don’t listen to nuffy reviewers. Tastes vary, so I’d only actively avoid a comic based on reviews if it’s widely panned. For me, Voodoo has been a 2.5-3 star kind of book. That means, I believe, that someone who engages more with the themes and story could easily rate it a 3.5-4 star book. I hope you love it. : )

  2. I loved Batman and Robin’s latest issue too, so I wouldn’t say its just because you’re a dad. Despite the only action being Batman racing Damian back to the cave, it was an amazing issue.

    Again though, I find you acting too hard on Superboy. It was a bit harder to follow and not as good as past issues, but I still loved it. After all, it is one of the few DC things I’m still following.

  3. @ xxadverbxx: Great picks. It’s strange that you are buying Superboy and not Teen Titans: not only because they are written by the same (marvellous) writer, but also because I think that Lobdell is doing much better on Teen Titans rather than on Superboy. But I didn’t read much of both of them, so it could be a wrong impression. I also noticed the absence of Animal Man: every DC reader seems to be reading it with enthusiasm. But maybe you only like DC “classic” titles, so you decided not to give a chance to such an “indie – oriented” series. Anyway, I do approve of your choices. : )

    • I gave Animal Man a chance, and while I found it good, I did not find it as amazing as… well basically ever other reviewer on read/RANT. And with many things in DC having pissed me off, I only wanted to stick with the titles I was finding to be amazing.

      In terms of Teen Titans, it may be for I enjoyed Volume 3 so much and that this completely erases all of volume 3 of the Teen Titans that I haven’t enjoyed it too much. While Bart feels close, he still seems off to me, Tim and Cassie I’m not liking at all, and while the new characters haven’t been bad, they haven’t really grabbed me either. And I did actually read TT up to issue 8. I stopped at 6, but then grabbed the last two when I saw it dealt with saving Superboy and the series still didn’t grip me into wanting to keep reading it.

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