Review: Men of War #3

Perhaps my favorite comic of this relaunch has been the Men of War series, and this issue starts us off again right in the action.


To start, this issue apparently begins like the last two.  In the action to then jump back to the start and go through the reasons of why Sgt. Rock and his men are in such a predicament.  I have to admit after the first two issues I thought I’d be a little tired of the scenario but it still worked for me here.  I just can’t help but wonder a little, will Brandon continue this same layout for his stories and if he does, will I eventually tire of it?  I mean, it is a great way to start us off right in the action and better hook us into the story, but things can always be overused and it can be nice reading right through a story with no backpedaling.

Basically though, Sgt. Rock and his men are surrounded and highly outnumbered.  They are low on ammo and it really is not looking good.  Then we jump back to the mission and how the team got there.  Seems primarily a demolition mission that is easily a suicide mission.  And from the start things go wrong.  The ship they were suppose to take out first launches right before they plant the bomb.  As their ride there was a one way trip they have to improvise everything from then on out and soon get pushed into a warehouse that we saw them trying to hold at the start.  And this is where things really get interesting.

Private Korba starts freaking out.  Sgt. Rock keeps his eyes on all the guns aimed their way though and simply passes it off as Korba freaking out about being so close to death.  It makes sense to me that Rock would see it that way, but the thing is that is not why Korba is freaking out.  After all, his hands have started to glow red, and from what Korba says I’m not completely sure if the private knew about this thing and is just losing control over it, or if this is something completely knew to him and that is why he is freaking out.  Either way, none of Rock’s men seem to notice while Sgt. Rock tells them to not die laying down.  With that the group of men in a desperate final rush that is bound to not work pull out their combat knives and rush the surrounding forces.  Before they fire though, Korba’s entire body glows red and next we see is the story ending with the warehouse blowing sky high.

Ivan Brandon has been writing wonderfully.  My only downside to this that I can think of is I hope to see a bit more story come through.  We got an action filled first issue, some story set-up in the second, and this one was basically back to another action-packed issue.  So I would like to see soon a little more story come along to deal with the strange happenings that have been going around Sgt. Rock in terms of seemingly meta-humans.  For now though, I’m not complaining.  Tom Derenick’s art with Matt Wilson’s coloring I’d say is second maybe only to that of Manapul’s in the Flash.

This comic also finishes up the short tag-along story Navy Seals: Human Shields.  Again, I would say it wouldn’t hurt you to just pass over this story.  Basically the day is saved, the mission goes off how it should, and in some odd twist it seems one of the SEALS takes down a terrorist and delivers a baby?  I am happy to see this end.  Sorry to Vankin and his team, but I am.  I worry though that this story ends “Next: Easy’s Secret and a brand new feature”.  So Navy Seals: Human Shields is over but apparently Men of War will continue having a mini 8 page story behind it.  I can only hope its better than this one was, and hopefully that it will include a different team.

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