Review: Men of War #2

The first comic I’m looking at is the 2nd issue of one of my favorites of the first wave: Men of War.  This did not disappoint me.


Brandon follows the same basic outline he did for his first issue of being a bit ahead of where we left off from #1.  This time though we have someone talking to Brock as he’s getting pulled higher and higher in the air just past 115,000 feet.  We don’t see who did this just yet and soon are pulled into Brock’s life.  A glimpse at his childhood, mention that he was married at 22, his wife died a year later (he’s now 25 we find out later in the comic).  There are other clips from his earlier life that gets mixed in now with bits of his platoon dragging Rock away to safety.  When he finally comes to they are in a house.  Rock’s right arm is badly injured, we get confirmation that Sgt. Torisi is dead (in case anyone was confused on that after the first issue), and everyone is now looking up to Sgt. Rock on what they should do.

After a bit of general “down time” with the person living at the house, they soon get pulled back into action and Rock is forced to take charge by an enemy sniper.  Eventually the team ends up finding the Senator they went to save in the first place and just as they clear the area, Circe appears.  Yep, that woman on the cover of this issue is Circe.  After she brushes Rock’s cheek we get an image of the building from outside seemingly exploding and get brought back to the start of this issue with Brock in the air talking with Circe.

The two have an interesting conversation to say the least and for most of it she hangs on his arm almost like they were lovers.  Eventually though Circe gives a warning for Rock to relay that “We don’t like their footprints.  We don’t want their peace… If they visit us again, they will stay here.”  That said, she lets go of Rock and we see him burning through the atmosphere as he falls back to Earth.  The interesting part is he wakes up in the back of a helo with his arm in a sling but otherwise okay along with his team and the Senator.  The issue then ends a week later with Rock still in the hospital getting a visit from one of his platoon members.  Basic info we end with is the senator got to New York and on his way to Washington was killed.  Not quite the gripping cliff hanger ending as last time, but it still leaves me aching for more.

For a few final points on the main story again Brandon’s writing is amazing and once more it feels like he knows what he is talking about when it comes to military terms (though I was shocked KIA got a note on the side to tell what it stood for).  Derenick does an amazing job with the art that is wonderfully colored again by Wilson.  The only thing I wish that got answered was we never find out who the red and purple streaks were from the first issue.  The red streak I’m assuming at least is not Circe for when it was silhouetted by the moon it’s body seemed like a muscular male’s, not Circe’s sleek and feminine form.  Same basically goes for the purple streak.  But as this story has been following Rock’s perspective of things that may just be a mystery we’ll never find out.

Now for the “Navy Seals: Human Shields” mini-story at the end, I’ll only touch briefly on it this time.  It was a little less grating to read this one compared to the first part, but it still isn’t anything grand.  In fact, I almost didn’t even read through it and if you don’t, well I don’t think you’ll really be missing out on anything there.  Basically Vankin’s writing is a bit nicer as he hasn’t seemed to have tossed in as many military terms this time as he possibly could fit.  Winslade’s art and Chu’s coloring are still pretty basic.  Nothing bad, but no means great and again probably looks even duller than it actually is as it follows the team of Derenick and Wilson.

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