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To be honest, I’m not fully sure what I want to do.  My plan starting with the Luke Cage review was to hit up 1 review a month and slowly pick up the pace.  Since then I’ve diverted that as Smallville hit Hulu and I’m currently working on a guide for the entire series – it’s taking some time being 10 seasons long.  Further, it seems my Admin rights to read/RANT have been revoked due to inactivity and my attempts to contact wordpress to get them back has yet to get me a response.


So without the ability to alter the read/RANT layout or add any potential new contributors I’m uncertain if I should come back here.  I could move to my own domain where I do have full admin rights, and could even make that the “new home” of read/RANT.  I just don’t know.  For those who still drop by, I would not mind hearing your thoughts.  Until I decide, I’ll continue working on Smallville with the plans to have that up end of the year.






Avengers Undercover

avengersundercoverIts not too often we get a look at the other side.  Sure DC recently had “Penguin Pain and Prejudice” which was (to me) one of the few bright spots in their New 52, and I know Magneto, perhaps a bit more of an anti-hero than straight out villain, gets his fair share at staring in his own comics.  Even so, comics that focus on villains tend to be few and far between.  More so are comics that focus on the (potential) fall into becoming one.  Something that Hopeless has been doing wonderfully through these first six issues.


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X-Men thoughts (rant)

x-logoFinally catching up on comics.  Still a bit behind, but figured I’d jump in to list off some thoughts on various things happening in the X-Men world.

WARNING!  There will be spoilers if you aren’t up to date.
WARNING!  This will probably not have much coherency in terms of order.
WARNING!  Expect mild language.

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