Review: Flash #2

Flash #1 I enjoyed, and this issue is no different.  In fact, there are some interesting bits of Flash info tossed into this comic that I at least think readers who aren’t as new to the Flash as I am will enjoy.


Like many comics directly caring on a story from a previous issue, we start where we left off.  Flash in the woods surrounded by a bunch of his friends Manuel Lago.  No clue yet if he was cloned, or gained some multiplication meta powers, or what yet.  Either way, the Flash takes them down in a moment leaving just the two left standing.  The two being the one Barry was running with near the end of the first issue and the one being held hostage, and the one holding said Manuel hostage.  The group ends up making a break for it after a threat on Iris West’s life.  Don’t worry, she’s okay and was just used as a means to escape.

Being concerned though that he needs to be even faster to take on an enemy that can seemingly be everywhere at once, Barry asks Dr. Elias for help.  During this time we get a reference to a Cosmic Treadmill (by the sounds of it has not been invented yet) and actual in-comic info on the Speed Force.  Dr. Elias basically stating for the Flash to make full use of his powers that he has to think as fast as he moves for his brain apparently only partially taps into the speed force while using his powers.  Sounds sort of like the idea that people only use 10% of their brains, but I still found this interesting.  In some off way though, its a bit sad.  Barry states “I call it the Speed Force” after Elias mentions Barry taps into some force to use his powers.  So it gives rise to the idea that Barry knew about the Speed Force, yet also that it seems to be something relatively new or at least unknown.  Why am I bringing this up?  Basically for in the past it was Wally West who found out about the Speed Force and the one (I think, as stated I’m not a great source in terms of Flash knowledge) who figured out about most of it’s workings.  Here Barry already knows about it and it seems Dr. Elias is helping him find out more about it.  So less indication that Wally isn’t around in this universe, or if he is he isn’t a Flash yet.

Back on track, Barry contemplates that when Patty shows up giving him some info that Manual seemed to have some heightened cell regeneration going on giving at least some clue to how there could be multiples of him.  And during this instance, Barry apparently figures out how to get his brain thinking faster.  And as he moves on to talk with Iris, we see his new ability to think faster allows him to act even quicker than before and even think in almost precognition-like terms.  After all, Barry’s inner-monologue states “I can see everything before it happens.”  I kind of like this aspect, but wonder two things about it.  One is if this at least near-precog ability is new, and if it is will it boost the Flash even beyond what he use to be in terms of ability and what not?

The story goes on from there.  We see Iris West actually inquire about a date with Barry, Barry running around the world trying to find answers about his friend, and things going on with the multiple Manuals.  If anything, I think Francis Manapul and Brian Bucellato’s story is even better here than the first.  For that matter, Manapul’s art even drew me in a lot more than last time!  Not that it is a different style (or coloring is different, for it’s not), but the title page in the comic is amazing and I completely loved how he set up the moments where Barry is thinking using the speed force.  Manapul, keep up the great work!

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