Top 5 Best Comics of September 2010


I read 28 comics in September, and these were the best.

5. Irredeemable #17

I was going to write a review for this issue. In lieu of that, I’m glad the comic is good enough to earn a spot here. This is easily one of the finest Irredeemable issues of year two, and not just because of the major reveal. That reveal, by the way, doesn’t come off quite as dirty as Waid intended, but rather as something pretty damn funny. Or maybe that’s just me. I am twisted. Anyway, another thing that elevates this issue above the rest is the return of original artist Peter Krause. He seems to have vastly improved during his brief absence.

4. Thor #615

Fraction’s run is finally here. And, if it’s placement here is anything to go by, which is totally is, it was definitely worth the wait. Fraction begins his tenure with the gods with sound, fury, and laughter! The answer to the question of “What happens when Asgard is on Earth?” is so good, hopefully it’ll make those moping JMS fans wake up and see the lightning. Also of note is that this is now the best looking Fraction Marvel ongoing by far. Ferry does a good job, but it’s the beautiful colors of Matt Hollingsworth and masterful letters of John Workman, the letterer during Simonson’s legendary run, that really make this book a sight to see.

3. Dawn: Not To Touch The Earth

Yes, I am a fan of Dawn, which probably means I’m a big fan of Dawn. It’s something I’ve not shared much with the Internet community. Not because of embarrassment or any such thing, but because my fondness for Linsner is too deeply personal, and thus not all that interesting to read about. At least from a critical standpoint. But, to do my best, this issue’s greatness stems primarily from the art, but I suppose your mileage may vary. It also blends an old Celtic myth, and a great Doors song I suppose, with Dawn, who after twenty years has become a bit of her own myth. It’s also quite a good introduction to Dawn and her world. So, if you’ve never dipped your toe in, now’s the time.

2. Batman and Robin #14

This is the second month now where the best and second best comics run so close together in their quality. But, alas, somebody must take home the grand prize. I haven’t read “Batman: RIP” since it’s original serialization. That this issue inspired me to reread it is a testament to its quality. Then again, you wouldn’t really have to pull my fingernails to get me to reread that excellent arc. That image of Pyg really is worth a thousand words, isn’t it? Of those words, a few of them would explain how “Batman and Robin Must Die!” is the inverse of “Batman: RIP” told in half the issues with infinitely better art. So, yeah, if you thought RIP was the apex of Morrison’s run, think again.

1. Hellboy: The Storm #3

If that image doesn’t make you shit your pants, there’s something physically wrong with you. Many would disagree with Hellboy’s placement over Batman and Robin, but only out of ignorance. That’s partly why it was easy to crown Hellboy as #1. Well, that, and the fact that Hellboy has a crown. I spoke last month about how it seemed all the chickens were comin’ home to roost, and boy did they come a roostin’. It’s amazing to think that all of this was achieved in three issues. Or, really, just two, as the first issue wasn’t all that impressive. That Hellboy isn’t concluding anytime soon is just proof that Mignola still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. That sly bastard.

-Bruce Castle

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