Review: Action Comics #893

Some Spoilers

This is the way serialized superhero comics should be written!

This issue see’s Lex Luthor continue his quest of to analyze the remnants of the Black Lantern’s power rings, which have left traces across the universe in the form of pockets of spatial-temporal abnormalities, in hopes of discovering their structure and replicating them. This quest leads him to the jungles of Uganda this issue, where he becomes the unsuspecting victim of Grodd… or does he?

This issue continues to put Lex’s Machiavellian brilliance perfectly on display. He isn’t especially sadistic but nor does he have any regard for human life beyond whatever utilitarian function they might provide his stratagems. I think this is usually a really tight rope for a lot of writers to walk  Lex but Cornell makes it look effortless.  Android Lois Lane continues to be probably the creepiest character I have read in a long while but also one of  my favorites:

Although she may be the break out star of the book, Cornell rounds out Lex’s supporting cast quite nicely with Lex’s new assistant Mr. Spalding, who plays a pretty great straight man to Lex’s calculated madness. I hope he gets fleshed out more in the future.

This issue has its twist and its turns but it never feel as if its straining to be clever. Overall it is a whole lot of fun especially the brilliant ending (which perhaps I should have saw coming but luckily I did not). I can see how some may think this issue is missing something, some umpf to make it sing. I think that je-ne-sais-quoi will eventually be filled with the black lantern mythology. Usually when blackest night is referenced in stories that I am enjoying (e.g. Justice League Generation Lost) I tend to cringe and then quickly try to ignore; I think the way Cornell utilizes Blackest Night in Action Comics is actually pretty friggin cool, which is a pretty big achievement in my eyes. Although this mythology kind of fell to the wayside this issue and from the looks of things will probably not figure to much into next issue (but really, who the hell knows?) I think that is fine given that this is only the fourth issue of a year long arc consisting of mostly self-contained issues.

Final Grade: A; This is amongst the upper echelon of quality material DC is publishing these days. Also, although I didn’t really mention Grodd to much in this write up maybe this image will convince you of how awesome he is:

2 thoughts on “Review: Action Comics #893

  1. omg the spoon! That was so great. I completely forgot to include that. Maybe for the best. You should just discover that in the book.

    As for the mythology. yes and no. So far sure its been a macguffin but I do think Cornell is going to actually start looking at the ripple effects of these decaying black ring structures. Johns himself brief touched up this in BN with the atom talking about their atomic structure. I don’t know I actually have faith this is an area of BN actually worth mining. You know the actual Sci-fi elements of that massive space opera.

    I also really liked the Jimmy Olsen back-up. I didn’t know if I should talk about this here or not. Eventually I decided it would confuse me to write about both of them in one post.

    Also the JT Krul Teen Titans preview. We’ve been talking about it so I am interested to know what you thought. I know it wasn’t that many pages but it underwhelmed me but it may have just been the art.

  2. The BN stuff lingering over this always feels like the Sword of Damocles. I didn’t enjoy this issue as much as the others but it’s still in a DC must-read list for me with Batman&Robin and Dini’s House of Hush.

    No slack on the spoon, though. That was brilliant.

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