Top 5 Best Comics of September 2010


I read 28 comics in September, and these were the best.

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Review: Dark Ivory #4

Dark Ivory #4 (of 4)


Let’s see, this mini is four issues long and the first one came out about a year ago. Oh and this isn’t an ending, it’s a beginning. That’s a window into the life of a Linsner fan. The man likes to take his time even when he has a cowriter and cocolorist. Having said all that, does the art look great? Absofuckinlutely! This series looks gorgeous! It’s what keeps me coming back of course. Although after these delays I may have to wait for the trade next time…maybe.

How was the writing? Good, but not great. This final issue was filled with exposition. That’s not a good sign. However, among the few writing missteps lie surprisingly relatable and lovable protagonists. I’m far from a teenage goth girl, but I’m still very fond of Ivory. I’m also absolutely thrilled with the way her relationship with Samson ended up. It’s a bit sappy, but I’m always a sucker for realistic romance. When you’re constantly bombarded by superficial dribble from movies, television or even other comics, these kinds of connections are always refreshing.

So if you’re a Linsner fan, I’m sure you’ll be pleased. If you’re looking for an unconventional coming of age story with vampires and sublime art, you should give this a try.