Advanced Review: Irredeemable #5


Note: Irredeemable #5 will be in stores on August 5.

Writing: Waid continues to brilliantly execute psychotic twist after psychotic twist with sinister timing. Most of those in this issue involve the way Waid juxtaposes the past and the present. It’s a brilliant technique. Also, this is a jumping-on point for new readers, more on that in a moment. So, things did slow down a bit, but that actually worked in the book’s favor. We’ve taken a minute to finally slow down, and flesh out the characters a little more.

Art: Peter Krause’s art may not be as stylistically memorable as I’d like it to be, but it certainly gets the job done. It’s consistent, and almost certain to appeal to everyone’s taste. Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of emotions in this comic, and that’s where Krause’s strength comes in. He can handle just about anything, from the quiet to the earth-shattering loud.

Final Word: As I said, this is a good place for new readers to come in. BOOM has kindly offered this fifth issue at only a buck, and the first trade, which contains the previous four, for ten dollars. This is a series worth reading. One last thing: I really loved the humor in this issue. There’s a wickedly funny line in the beginning from the Plutonian, and there’s also a moment when Waid pokes fun at himself for the similarities between these characters and some comic icons.

Grade: B+

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