Everyone Likes Sketches

You may have liked my recent Comic Con 2009 post. Well, I recently had to upload some more sketches for reasons that may or may not involve money. So, I thought, since I went through the trouble of uploading them, I may as well post them here. So, enjoy!

Charlie Adlard’s Rick Grimes!

Darick Robertson’s Annie! NSFW

David Mack’s Echo!

Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon!

Ethan Van Sciver’s Barry Allen!

Ethan Van Sciver’s Hal Jordan! Word balloon provided by Geoff Johns!

Joe Linsner’s Dark Ivory!

Philip Tan’s Dr. Light!

Ryan Ottley’s Atom Eve!

Todd Nauck’s Emma Frost!

2 thoughts on “Everyone Likes Sketches

  1. Thanks for sharing the sketches! I especially like Hal Jordan, fear is for sissies! And I saw on your previous Comic Con post you got to meet Greg Rucka-that’s amazing. I read his novelization of Batman: No Man’s Land when I was younger and it was a big reason I started getting into comics.

  2. Cool! Yeah, “fear is for sissies” is all Johns. It was right at the start of SCW when he wrote it.

    Greg Rucka’s a real nice guy. I hope you get to meet him someday. It’s always cool to meet the person who got you into comics.

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