Spoiler Review: Kick-Ass #4

Like last time, this review is gonna be filled to the ass with spoilers, so… click links at your own risk!

First, a recap… (it has been, like—two months since the last one?!?)

Okay, so when we last left our hero, little Davey was about to—SLAYAGE!!!

The mask, the pre-pubescent body, the swords, the blood, the ###ING Masterlock securing the cape—this chick is creepy as ####!!! Dudes, the killing goes on for FOURSOLIDPAGES. If I saw this girl massacre a roomful of dealers and prostitutes, I’d barely manage to keep my undies clean (and I would probably fail at that), much less have the presence of mind to string words into thoughts like little Davey here.

Alright, I know I just said how much this “Hit-Girl” creeps me out, but L@@K! Look how pretty JRJR makes this page! That’s comic book mastery, folks. I’m convinced, as much sadistic fun as this has been—and it has been tons of fun, obviously—it would not play half as awesome without John Romita Jr. on the art chores. No doubt in my mind about that. Millar, you lucky ####er.

And now, a list of cool shit—flavor, if you will—conventions flipped on their heads, if I may:

+Kick-Ass inspires the masses.
+Kick-Ass also loves the “gay drama”.*
+In Mob towns, real super heroes are not famous.
+The “good guys” don’t let you go after you spill the beans
+…they ####ing KILL YOU!
+…and then LAUGH about it!!

So, there you have it, yet another exciting issue of blood and mayhem. Based on the scans I’ve shown here, you might be under the mistaken impression that issue #4 is all filler, and no killer. You’re wrong, douche! It’s nothing but killer, blind bastards! Oh, you’re asking about the plot. Well, the plot moves, it surely does… slowly… like an iceberg… but it does move. What we get instead (GORE! VIOLENCE! SHOCK!), it’s well worth it in my opinion. Seriously, #### the plot. Seeing JRJR illustrate this shit is the real treat.**

*If you have to ask why this is on the list, no explanation will convince you.
**The same could be said about that much maligned Hulk series, one would think…

2 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Kick-Ass #4

  1. Difference between this and Hulk? In this, the plot doesn’t get in the way of the story, and with characters nobody had before, anything can happen. In Hulk, you have unbelievably stupid things happening and the mystery is actually somewhat important. Man, though, this is an awesome series. Okay, so it is pretty violent, but honestly, Hit-Girl is probably the creepiest character in comics, IMO.

  2. i don’t think the difference is as great as you say. i think the plots of both series are equally irrelevant. for me, the main draw for both remains the art and the action scenes. plot, dialogue, continuity and character development are after-thoughts at best.

    i will admit though, that i do have a rant/review planned for the latest issue of Hulk, but i can’t really post it up until i replace my scanner. 😦

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