Review: Green Lantern #37

Green Lantern #37


You can tell that Geoff Johns loves to write this colorful cosmic odyssey so much and hey, I enjoy reading it. As this issue proves again, this is a comic about Hal Jordan’s past, present and future. He has to deal with his tumultuous past, juggling a blonde and a brunette (Is that really a problem?) and the vicious purple bastard, Sinestro.

Everyone’s favorite Korugaran is one of the best villains. He’s not just a badass. We also understand his motivations and even root for him. In this issue he says to Hal, “You must rebel against the guardians. The Green Lantern Corps does not need them.” Who disagrees with that? The smurfs have made so many mistakes in this series alone. There’s a reason Ganthet and Sayd went off on their own. And yet, as I said earlier, Sinestro is a vicious purple bastard. The Parallax fiasco, the Sinestro Corps, Parallax again and so on. I don’t think I have to tell you that even in this issue, Sinestro tries to screw up Jordan’s life. It’s a very complex and interesting hero/villain dynamic that supports Johns’ color mythology. Fantastic art from Reis and one character gets another ring of a different color, this is a fabulous issue!

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