Spoiler Review: Kick-Ass #3

Wait, doesn’t this come out tomorrow? Well, Mark Millar and Michael Horwitz, over at Marvel, were kind enough to provide PDF previews of Kick-Ass #3 to any review blogs that asked. Obviously, your man Billy Z. was all over that shit. Also, this book is apparently two months late? I don’t normally pay attention to releases schedules, since I pre-order from DCBS everything is late to me. Late or no, I’ll let the book stand on its own merits and judge it in that loose way you’ve come to expect.

This review is going to be filled with spoilers, so… click the links at your own risk!

10,000-ish views is a bit low, yeah?

Bad-ass version of the Star Wars kid? That pretty much describes anyone who isn’t the Star Wars kid. Poor bastard.

YES! Where are they?!?

Honestly, I did not see this coming. The bit right before this, where the girl of his dreams is nice to him all of a sudden was ten tons of conventional dreck. I’m glad Millar did something interesting with it.

A little peek into Millar’s early life?

This seems a little too “real”, but I’m willing to let it slide. I’m sure this is all part of the set-up for when, you know, Kick-Ass gets arrested and sent to County where some big bruiser of a man-queen pops his cherry.

See, I keep asking myself this same question. The answer is: “Get my ass kicked times infinity, unless…”

Kick-Ass gets his ass-kicked… times infinity.

WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS! Well, I was expecting that level of violence, the permanent kind, but not in that way! This is the only answer to the question that was raised earlier. This is the only way the plot will escalate.



Well, that was definitely worth the wait. This series continues to impress and surprise me. The specter of cliché looms large, but every time it appears as though Millar is about to lose that battle, he zigs instead of zagging and all is saved. If you can’t tell, yes, I love this book!

Thanks again to Millar and Horwitz for making this possible.

6 thoughts on “Spoiler Review: Kick-Ass #3

  1. Awww, this is just mean! I don’t wanna wait until tomorrow, but I really shouldn’t click those links.


  2. i’d say all but that last three are spoiler free. unless you’re totally anal about minor plot developments as spoilers, you should be fine.


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  4. You know, JRJR is definitely flexing some muscles here that he doesn’t often get a chance to flex. Seems pretty apparent that he’s enjoying it. I was reading this outside in the smoking area at work on my second break today, and I let out an audible “holy shit” when I got to those last couple pages. Had to close the book for fear that a coworker would see the panel from that second to last link there. That’s some intense stuff, and the perfect way to ratchet up this series.

    I’m going to like reading this alongside 1985 as they act like some twisted mirror to each other.

  5. i yelled so loud while reading it that my nephew started to cry.

    it was a killer moment, it’ll be interesting to see how he tops it.

  6. Yeah. I basically read it last in my game store (where we all had comics) and was just like WTF? Seriously. That is so freakin’ awesome! Oh my god! Oh, and what is that sword made out of and where can I get one? Seriously.

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