Review: Dark Avengers #1 – Spoilers!

Dark Avengers #1 (Variant Cover Edition)


I was going to start with my opinion of Bendis and my struggle to drop his titles, but that’s not fair to you. This is a spoiler review because well, it’ll make things interesting. If you’re half as frustrated as I am about all the “mysteries” in Marvel right now (Who is the Black Panther? Who are the New Avengers? Who cares?) then you’re pretty upset. So, let’s get things out of the way.

Dark Avengers:

Iron Patriot=Norman Osborn

Captain Marvel=Noh-Varr

Sentry=Blonde Crazy Dude

Ms. Marvel=Moonstone

Ares=Big Jerky God

Wolverine=Daken (Or Dokken as I like to call him)


Spider-Man=Mac Gargan

Is any of that shocking? If you’ve been paying attention, probably not. I was upset about this issue’s price tag of 3.99. I assumed I’d only get the usual 20-22 pages, but you get about ten more. That’s cool. Bendis also packs this issue with a lot of words (Shocking I know) and there are often nine panels on a page. Sadly, this is still mostly set-up. Who the team is, how did they get there, and who’s the villain of this arc are all answered here. Oh right, this is a spoilers review. The villain will be Morgana Le Fay. It’s an odd choice, but Bendis is a fanboy writer. He loves the old Micheline/Layton/Romita Doomquest story (And so do I) so he’ll continue writing about it. That’s the reason for the characters on this team. He loves the way other writers handled them.

Mike Deodato’s art is pretty spectacular. Sure, it’s gritty at times (Because that’s what the book is trying to be), but honestly, it’s the best his work has ever looked. A few years ago I didn’t think Deodato could handle a mainstream flagship spandex title, but I’m glad he proved me wrong. If you enjoyed his art on Ellis’ Thunderbolts, you’ll love it here. It looks similar, but better. Practice makes perfect.

I read somewhere that Bendis was upset about the cost of comics today. That’s the reason for his excessive wordiness. If that’s true, then I’m sure he dislikes the four dollar price as well. It took me quite a while to read this comic and that makes me happy. The art looks fantastic and I enjoy the characters on the team. But again, not much happened here. I know Bendis is great when it comes to details, but he often fails to tell overall good stories. I hope that changes.

2 thoughts on “Review: Dark Avengers #1 – Spoilers!

  1. I loved this issue. I mean, sure, it was pretty easy to predict who each person was going to be, but who cares? I loved Maria Hill’s visit to Norman, as her reaction has been my thoughts ever since Civil War, and the reasons I read Thunderbolts after Civil War, and Avengers: The Initiative. It is going to fail, miserably, and I can sit there laughing at all of it. I loved the part where Mac shrinks to Spidey size, as a reference to Secret Wars. I loved Norman talking to everybody, convincing them to join his team to piss off the superheroes. I loved Ares interacting with Ms. Marvel (Moonstone) while Ghost was getting them into Tony’s armory. I loved that when the soldiers brought him to Latveria, Bendis channeled the Iron Man movie, where the soldier wants to take a picture with Stark (only with Doom, who just stares at him). I thought it was a great start. I’ve never really been a huge fan of Deodato, but he is great, and his Thunderbolts stuff made him grow on me. Man, this looks like it is going to be fun.

  2. I was impressed. Bendis’ 2008 was terrible, his worst year in fact. Every single one of his titles (Except maybe Halo, which I don’t read) was an overall disappointment. I was pleased that his first comic of 2009 was good.

    I’m glad you loved it. As I said, Bendis is fantastic when it comes to details. I just hope he can pull off a great arc. The Maria Hill stuff was fine, but I’ve already gotten that exchange in Iron Man. The Secret Wars reference was nice. Deodato really sold it. Norman was handled well, but it’s all Ellis, man. Honestly, it’s almost as if Quesada noticed (Or someone told him) how awesome Ellis’ Thunderbolts were so he had the entire Marvel U revolve around Osborn. The Ares interaction has been seen before in Mighty Avengers. Wow, I don’t know why I’m running down your points disagreeing with them.

    Sorry, but the point is: Yes this issue was good. I hope it can actually follow through.

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