Review: Batman and Robin #2

Writing: Morrison delivers another outstanding adventure comic. If any of you were displeased with the symbols, hallucinations, and 50’s Batman references that plagued Morrison’s earlier Batman issues, have no fear! Morrison is just trying to entertain here, while Quitely does his thing. The Dick/Damian relationship is handled particularly well. Morrison has a good handle on both characters, especially Dick, for those of you who were worried, since Dick spent most of “Batman: RIP” drugged. Also, the Circus of Strange is a welcome addition to the Batman rogues gallery. It’s no accident that Dick’s first foes are circus-folk, and Dick even gets to show off his circus slang.

Art: Frank Quitely is arguably the star of the show. He’s already adapted his style to better fit the Batman universe, providing looser and scratchier pencils, as opposed to the cleaner, cinematic style of All Star Superman. This new style works particularly well for the fight scenes. Batman and Robin’s battle with the new villain, Siam, who is basically three men fused together, is especially memorable. I also have to mention the fine coloring of Alex Sinclair, who captures the funhouse vibe perfectly.

Final Word: This is a crowd-pleasing, extremely enjoyable comic that you’re almost sure to like. Though it may not be as deep as Morrison’s earlier Batman work, with all of the crazy villains, and a new, likable Dynamic Duo, you’re sure to find plenty to like here.

Grade: A

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