Review: Secret Six #11

Writing: How Gail Simone manages to discuss human trafficking while making me laugh is beyond me. But that’s the world of the Secret Six. They’re a bunch of horrible murderers that put a smile on your face. Is Simone commenting on the way our society portrays violence as entertaining? Perhaps, but whether she is or not, this issue is enjoyable. Their are a few disturbing moments, but at least they’re brief, and I’m sure the victim of these acts will get some payback soon enough.

Art: Nicola Scott’s art fits this book perfectly. It blends a cartoonish stylewith a realistic one similar to the way Simone blends the violence and humor. Scott is consistently good, and reminds me of an old favorite of mine, Joseph Linsner. Whether she’s drawing a badass Amazon or a polka dot underwear-clad Scandal Savage, Scott never misses a beat.

Final Word: Though there are a few unsettling moments in this issue, it still manages to provide the usual twisted fun. Oh, and fans of Simone’s Wonder Woman should jump with glee because apparently Gail has to feature kickass Amazonians in every comic she writes.

Grade: B+

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