Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #132

Ultimate Spider-Man #132

This is the part where most reviewers would whine about how mean, old Jeph Loeb is making this comic late with his poopy-pants Ultimatum. Well, I’m not most reviewers. I’m better, and more humble. Actually, why was this comic delayed? It doesn’t really spoil anything from Ultimatum #3. It’s just kind of doing its own thing. And we already knew that the Dark Dimension was spilling into the Ultimate U from the last issue, and Fantastic Four if I remember correctly. Anyway, this book was very late.

Did the wait pay off? Not really. Like all of the Ultimatum issues of USM, this issue only inches forward the plot. What makes up the bulk of this comic? Splash pages! Immonen showing off! I like Immonen, loved his Nextwave art, actually, but he’s not really the guy who provides glorious splash-pages, except in Nextwave. Go read Nextwave! The other ingredient mixed in, is traditional Bendis Spider-Man. All hell has broken loose, and Spidey is in the middle of it. That’s new, right?

Sorry, this was a good issue, but just barely. There were a few moments that made me smile, and I think the best moment, both in writing and art, is the creative reimagining of the opening pages of Amazing Fantasy #15. We also get a little more background on Ultimate Dr. Strange, which, if he lives, is kind of interesting. This isn’t any sort of jumping-on point, and if you’re already a USM fan, you’ll be happy. But for those who are reading this just because it’s an Ultimatum tie-in: This series does have better to offer. Go read the first trade. This series can be a lot of fun.

Oh, and that cover is awesome. That event kind of occurs in the issue, but it’s brief, and it felt a bit forced.

Grade: C+

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3 thoughts on “Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #132

  1. Maybe it is just the school I go to, but C+ (while technically above average) is fairly low still. Then again, grading is always kind of awkward (and thus one of the reasons I don’t grade). Still, I don’t feel the issue was bad, and I recognize you think it was barely good. Basically, to me, while this arc isn’t the greatest ever, I blame all of this on Loeb, and not on Bendis. Now, I know that all the Ultimate people got together and semi-decided upon Ultimatum as a whole and that this is still Bendis’ series, but that it has to tie in makes it awkward and doesn’t fit.

  2. No, it’s not just your school. For whatever reason, America is harsh on a C grade, but C is average. So C+=above average comic. As you may have noticed, I used to use stars, but changed to grade. Basically, you have no way of knowing if I’m rating on five stars or four, but everyone knows the grade system. So, yeah, I’ve started grading.

    I agree. Ultimatum is, in a way, degrading USM’s quality, but not as much as you think. Bendis is a big wig. He still has a lot of control. Plus, I have read some pretty awesome tie-ins. So, tie-ins can be awesome, but these issues aren’t. Oh well, just one more issue left.

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