Review: Secret Six #6

Secret Six #6


As always, I must mention that I love this book. GO BUY IT! Ok? Ok.

This was my first look at an Origins & Omens issue. It’s the new DC promotion in February. It’s supposed to retell things and/or hint at the future. It was basically invented for Adventure Comics #0 that also released last week. In that, it was revealed that Superboy will be back as a Black Lantern. That’s kind of interesting. What about this issue’s O & O? Well, it retold things I knew and took pages away from the main story. So, that really sucks. The best part about it was Pete Woods’ art. If Nicola Scott needs some breathing room, Woods could easily step in. Other than that, I have a feeling I’m going to be annoyed with the back of DC books this month.

This issue is stellar as always. What can you expect to see? Junior’s origin, Jeannette’s origin, the Six’s employer is revealed (Don’t think this is lame, it makes perfect sense), and a betrayal. Simone and Scott continue to produce one of the most entertaining books on the shelf.

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