Review: Catwoman: It’s Only a Movie

I’m not going to lie: Will Pfeifer has a lot to answer for after Amazons Attack.However, I like to give people more than one chance, because everyone has an off day, and Pfeifer happens to be taking over writing duties for my favorite comic currently on the shelves in just a few short months – Blue Beetle.I had heard that his Catwoman was good, and since this week was a slow week for me, I picked up Catwoman: It’s Only a Movie and gave it a read through.

It gives me hope.

Now, it’s not great.It’s certainly not the 5-star comic Beetle is.But Pfeifer shows that he has a lot of potential for a few reasons.And since this is a review, you can expect to hear about one or two of them.

Well, first things first: despite the gorgeous Adam Hughes cover art for each issue, the interior art isn’t very good.It’s not Liefield/Land bad, but it’s not good, and I felt that it occasionally actually did detract from the story.Not very often, but David and Alvaro Lopez’ almost cartoonish style just didn’t seem a match for the Catwoman segments of the book, the not quite beaten down glam-noir of her life.
However, the first few issues of this book feature a villain, and their style is picture perfect for him: Film Freak.

It’s hard to write a good super-villain monologue.They’ve been parodied six ways to Sunday by now, but a post-ironic super-villain monologue doesn’t often work, generally just making the villain funny, rather than…well, villainous.Pfeifer has it down.A good half of the first three issues are dedicated to Film Freak, and his monologues are interesting and funny while still blending creepy and crazy into a particularly fun mixture.

The second arc in the story is much more traditional, but it’s still competently written.Catwoman is clever and quick, and her experience shows as she’s forced to break into Lex Luthor’s old vault of Bad Toys and steal something for the Calculator.It’s not exactly the best heist story around, but it’s an enjoyable one, and it demonstrates Selina’s place in the larger scheme of things: she’s a hero, but she still has her skills and contacts from her bad girl days, and she’s keeping ‘em both fresh.

Finally, between the two stories, there is a single issue talking about what’s been going on lately.This arc took place shortly after DC’s One Year Later, and Selina gives you some information about it, saying who the father of her new baby is, why a certain cop hates her, and answering one or two other questions.

This volume is ideal for new readers, thanks largely to that middle issue.The first arc is fun and requires almost no previous knowledge of Catwoman continuity.The second arc is equally simple, and the single issue separating the two tells you all you need to know for what’s to come.It’s not great, but it’s definitely a worthwhile read.




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