Review: Casanova #12

I was going to take it easy on the reviewing for a few days before I checked Image’s website this morning and found out what was released today.


It should be noted, that since this is Casanova, there’s going to be a lot of profanity in this review. I doubt anyone would care, but I thought I should throw this little disclaimer out for those with more refined taste.

I usually don’t go to the comic shop from week to week. I get my books online in order to save money and gas (I use Discount Comic Book Service, at Every now and then, I either forget to order a book, or jump onto an ongoing and have to pick up the issues that I would have had to preorder three months ago before I started reading the book. Last week I stopped by the shop to pick up Kick-Ass #1, because of the buzz surrounding it, as well as Young Avengers Presents #2: Hulkling because Captain fucking Marvel (one of my top three favorite superheroes ever) is in it. This week I found myself coming back because the oft-delayed Casanova #12 was finally hitting shelves. I also picked up the New Frontier Special from DC and Secret Invasion Saga from Marvel. But I’m not here to talk about what I bought about the shop. I’m here to talk about fucking Casanova.

To call this issue action packed would be a gross underestimation. Hell, the name of the issue is “Fuck Shit Up,” and no other three word title to a single comic could be more accurate. Zephyr Quinn, along with boyfriend/Fucktoy Kubark Benday, began an attack on the E.M.P.I.R.E. spy satellite at the end of the last issue, and that’s basically what you’ve got here. Balls to the wall action with a hell of a lot of people dying. And we’re not talking about background characters either (though they get offed by the truckload). Major characters are taken out in the most perfunctory manner, which speaks more to the character of Zephyr Quinn than any expedience on the part of Mr. Matt Fraction (see my Iron Fist review for more Fraction related gushing). Another really nice touch here is the dialogue. We’re dealing with a fight on a space station, where Zephyr and Kubark are systematically blowing airlocks and breaching hulls to cause chaos and confusion. Thus, they’re operating in an oxygen deficient area. You know Zephyr and Kubark are communicating back and forth via their in-suit radios, but this comic is from the outside perspective, which means we don’t get to hear anything they say. Nearly every word balloon in the book is devoid of text, which is a perfect way to accentuate what’s important: the crazy fucking action set pieces.

And who better to draw those crazy fucking action set pieces than Fabio Moon? His style is very similar to predecessor (and twin brother) Gabriel Ba (who has since moved on to draw the Umbrella Academy mini), and I’ve got to say that I love the hue of blue they’re using for this arc. The green was cool, and I dug it a lot, but this blue color just pops. Fabio’s just the kind of guy that’s going to pull off the crazy shit that drips out of Fraction’s brain. Iron Fist and War Journal are nothing compared to the freedom Matt has here, and there’s just something satisfying about Zephyr standing in the doorway to Cornelius Quinn’s hiding place holding a giant battle axe.

This is a bunch of crazy, whacked out shit in the standard Casanova fashion. It’s tons of fun, and a big silly spy story with lots of wild action. What’s not to love? And make sure you buy the single issues, which are entirely worth it for the extra eight pages of back matter written by Fraction and Moon (though this issue is all Fraction), with some behind the scenes look into the process of writing and drawing Casanova.


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