Bruce Castle Presents: Wolverine Goes Beserk!

X-Force #6 (****)

If you’ve read one issue of X-Force, you can probably tell if it’s for you or not. Every single issue has been either crappy or really good depending on your opinion. I happen to fall into the really good category. I enjoy the fun and the gore along with the continuity junk. I’m conflicted when it comes to Crain’s art. He does a pretty good job here though. There are even a few moments of (dark) greatness. Overall, this was a promising first arc. I’m pleased that Mike Choi (I really dug his Uncanny X-Men work) will handle the art chores in the upcoming issues and it looks like Kyle and Yost will provide many dark, violent, continuity-filled stories for years to come.

Ultimate X-Men #97 (****)

This is the end of Heroes writer Aron Coleite’s first arc on Ultimate X-Men. I was quite pleased with it. I really enjoyed Coleite’s jam-packed storytelling. There is still some room for improvement, but he’s still adjusting. Like the rest of this arc, this issue contains some pretty crazy stuff. I also enjoyed seeing Mark Brooks’ art. Oh, I just have to write about this: SLIGHT SPOILER!!! Colossus lifts Wolverine over his head and rips off his leg! Does that remind you of a certain unfinished Ultimate mini-series? In fact, listen to what Wolverine says about it, “The Hulk tore me in half once. You shoulda seen what I did to him. It was epic.” END SPOILER!!!! How can you not laugh at that? Anyway, if this title continues after Ultimatum, it looks like Coleite could have a pretty impressive run.

5 thoughts on “Bruce Castle Presents: Wolverine Goes Beserk!

  1. Yeah, the reference was awesome. I also enjoyed the reference in the first issue of Squadron Supreme 2, where they mention how there was a battle and then nobody talks about that anymore.

    I didn’t hate or like X-Force, it was just kind of weird. It didn’t feel like it should have been that violent and that it just didn’t work. Still, I didn’t dislike it.

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed that in UXM.

    As for X-Force, I guess I shouldn’t have made it sound like it was a “love or hate” thing. Even if it is, I don’t like saying it because there is always someone who’s indifferent. The violence didn’t really bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m way too desensitized for my own good.

    But if you felt it was unnecessary well, that’s a matter of opinion. Either way you may want to drop it. I’m pretty sure this book is going to continue to be violent. But if the art was what bothered you, you may want to stick around for one more issue to see if Choi’s style is more to your liking.

    Oh and speaking of violence, did you notice how bloody comics were this week? Or maybe it was just the books I bought.

  3. No, I love Clayton Crain. He is an awesome artist. I love the art. And as for violence, well, I do love Kick-Ass, and that was a lot more violent and has always been. No, it is more that the violence doesn’t seem to fit. Like, I see Wolverine in New Avengers and Astonishing X-Men, then see him in X-Force, and I am supposed to think of him as the same character. In the 616 universe, Wolverine has been a killer, but there has never been something as blatantly violent as this, and it just feels weird. It’s hard for me to explain. Hmmm….

    Okay, imagine you have Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, but you take Kick-Ass, and exchange Kick-Ass for Spider-Man, Hit-Girl for Firestar and Big Daddy for Iceman. That is what it feels like to me, albeit on a different scale. Wolverine being that violent and Archangel, X-23, Warpath and Wolfsbane all being violent feels like the Spider-Friends in Kick-Ass. It just doesn’t really fit. Sure, you’ve got heroes protecting people, but really, I don’t expect that type of violence from those specific people in that setting.

  4. yeah, i totally get what you’re saying Pi. since the beginning, this has never really felt attached to then rest of the X-verse, and the hi-def ultra-violence is probably one of the contributing factors.

  5. Yeah, X-Force does feel disconnected. I guess it doesn’t bother me that much, but I could totally see how it could.

    In my mind, Wolverine should be that violent. Sadly, he’s always forced to hold back so that kids can enjoy his adventures. Also, if Wolverine acted the way he should, the X-Men wouldn’t have any villains left to fight.

    So, I enjoy X-Force because Wolverine has the freedom to act any way he wants to. In fact, I would almost say that X-Force should be a Max title outside of 616, but then you would lose the other cool element of this book, continuity wank.

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