Secret Invasion Part 9

Captain Britain should be coming in my shipment tomorrow, so that’ll have to be in my next set of reviews (I’m getting ELEVEN Secret Invasion books in my box tomorrow).

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #2 (***1/2)

It’s the little things in life you treasure, and that’s a lot of what I enjoy about the Secret Invasion books. No stone is left unturned. This book continues the thread of Hulkling and Xavin’s attempts to reconcile themselves with the invading Super Skrull forces in New York City. We don’t see a whole lot of new, so this book is mostly focused on character development with that bit of flavor tying into one of the main themes of the tension between the Skrull monarchy and the religious sect that is leading the invasion. It’s standard fare, but it’s still good.

Secret Invasion: Front Line #2 (****)

Front Line is such a fun idea. It’s almost a microcosm of what worked with Marvels. The Marvel Universe has always been a street level universe, so why wouldn’t they make a book like this for every event? It makes perfect sense. And considering the change in direction toward “Embrace Change” and the ads we’ve been seeing post issue five of SI, I can see this book becoming VERY important for the rest of the run. Brian Reed is writing it more than competently, and this feels like an essential component of the story to show us all sides of what’s going on here.

Secret Invasion: Thor #1 (***)

It was okay. But I do agree with Billy that this doesn’t jive enough with the JMS stuff. I’m glad they’re putting it here in a separate mini instead of crowbarring it into the actual Thor ongoing. So we’ve got a Thor series that’s about Beta Ray Bill with Donald Blake sans hammer helping out the people of the local town. There’s some nice narrative work, but it doesn’t have the same pop to it that Fraction’s one shots have had. There’s potential there, especially with the Stormbreaker wrinkle, and I hope it picks up a bit.

Secret Invasion: X-Men #1 (****1/2)

Now this was surprising to me. Very similar to Black Panther from the perspective that we’re jumping back and forth between the Skrull invasion forces and the X-Men. It furthers what I like about these books, giving the Skrulls more depth than simply being a faceless marauding force. It’s the difference between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Battlestar Galactica. We need those three dimension villains to allow us to latch onto something and not blindly root for the good guys. We’ve seen this here. We’ve seen it in Black Panther. We saw it in Secret Invasion 4. And it’s what makes the entire story compelling, just like with Front Line. I do like the way the X-Men caught the Skrulls by surprise due to some older intel and got the quick upper hand. But that’s not the end of the story. This book is much more about the Skrull invaders than the X-Men so far, which seems to be a smart move considering how muddy the X Continuity is right now. Solid read with some different art that catches the eye.

3 thoughts on “Secret Invasion Part 9

  1. Secret Invasion, as a whole, is better than i give it credit for. this is by far the best Marvel event under the Quesada regime and i think a big reason for that is the high quality of the overwhelming majority of the tie-in comics. i bitch about the main SI mini, but it’s still on par with Civil War or House of M or World War Hulk. but it surge past those events on the strength of its tie-ins. so, overall, i am enjoying this event.

    re: Thor… yes, for that one, i’m glad it’s getting it’s own separate book. it would be too much of a thematic departure to include the Skrulls in the JMS run. same goes for Fantastic Four. but for books like X-Men and Spider-Man, i don’t see why these stories couldn’t have been told in their own monthlies. i mean, Amazing ships three times a month, they couldn’t figure out how to incorporate this Jackpot story as a back-up feature? and X-Men? with all the X-titles out there they couldn’t find space for this tale?

  2. I think that they think that putting an SI tie in straight into one of the X books that isn’t Uncanny (because they’re doing their own thing right now, for good or ill) wouldn’t bring in as many sales as giving it its own mini like they did. They have to know that X continuity scares a lot of people off the ongoings, so making it a mini gives the opportunity for casual and hardcore X fans alike to enjoy the book without as much of the specter of continuity over it as compared to if they hijacked X-Men Legacy or something.

  3. this is true, but you still piss off the people that are already buying Uncanny or Legacy.

    but this doesn’t explain why it’s okay that they’re able to put the Black Panther SI tie-in directly into the monthly. or maybe it does and i don’t like the answer. 😦

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