Review: The Boys: Herogasm #1

Boys Herogasm #1 (of 6)

Ah, look at that Robertson cover. I love it, but apparently a lot of people don’t. I wonder if any poor comic owners will be attacked? Anyway, the supes in this book, if you haven’t heard, are absolutely deplorable, or are they? There’s certainly a case to be made that they’re just normal humans, given infinite powers. Sorry, I’ve been reading too much Thomas Hobbes, lately.

Well, pretty much everything you can expect from that cover happens in this issue. There’s a new crossover event! “The Battelite of the Marith’rai is now confirmed as having entered our solar system.” Ennis even ties the recent G-Men business into this in a brilliant move. So, all of the heroes, villains, and loners get together to fight the alien threat! Only, there is no threat. All of the supes just go to an island to…um…have a party. Expect splash-pages of orgies, a lot of comic book nudity, and plenty of coke!

John McCrea, a longtime Ennis collaborator, is a perfect fit on this series. Like John Higgins, he captures a similar style and tone to Robertson’s work. His style is a lot more cartoony than Robertson’s, so he handles the sex and comedy a little better. But don’t worry, I have a feeling he’ll handle the gore well, too.

Ennis, as he usually does in his opening chapters, takes a moment to set things up. He puts his jokes and commentary right up front for all to enjoy. However, I highly doubt that this series will be useless. That is, after all, what Ennis is parodying. Especially with the last page, we are already starting to see the tensions build. I have no doubt that by the end of this spin-off, something big will occur. Untin then, enjoy the Herogasm!

Grade: B

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