Review: Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3


As my previous reviews suggest, Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye, the follow up to Morrison and Stewart’s 2004 Seaguy, has been hitting all the right notes for me.  #3, the final issue in the middle third of what Morrison planned to be a trilogy, hit the same week as Morrison’s much more high-profile Batman & Robin.  Despite being buried under the avalanche of Batman-love, as well as coming out in the same week as the always-stellar Secret Six, however, Slaves of Mickey Eye #3 was pretty handily the best comic on the shelves last week.  

In many ways completing most of the plots left dangling in the original Seaguy miniseries, this issue finds our hero in direct confrontation with Seabeard and the vast forces of Mickey Eye.  There’s love, there’s loss, there’s betrayal – the issue crams quite a bit in, all expertly illustrated by Cameron Stewart at his absolute strangest.

I’m curious to see where Morrison will take this if his proposed third miniseries ends up happening.  Even if it never does, however, Morrison’s exciting commentary on the conventions of comic books finds yet another solid resting place.  This recent mini has had very few missteps, and I’m looking forward to more.

Grade: A

– Cal Cleary