DCnU Timeline v3

Been a while, huh?  Some of the latest #0 issues though has given some nice input to the timeline that I just couldn’t ignore it.  Due note spoilers (mainly beneath the timeline) and that this has a very Bat-family focus on the new parts.

~Updated 12-5-12

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DCnU Timeline v2.1 (+ rant)

Version 2.1 is here!  Why 2.1?  Well this is basically version 2 but with a rant about Crisis events due to a recent message from Didio countering an older interview of Harras and Berganza.

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DCnU Timeline v1

So DC gave us a “relaunch” where bits are the same, others erased, and the general timeline crunched down due to de-aging many (but not all) of the characters.  Due to this I at least am very confused on how everything fits in.  So with the help of the other bloggers, I’ve decided to piece together a timeline.

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