Trade Review: The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite

I’ve listened to and appreciated The Black Parade and I happen to be of the opinion that Gerard Way is a talented writer. That said…

I find The Umbrella Academy to be severely overrated. There are plenty of wonderful little ideas and flourishes throughout this work, but it definitely feels rushed and thematically insubstantial. Frankly, I don’t think Way put enough thought into it nor do I think it contains much in the way of “purpose”. And it certainly borrows too much from the works of Grant Morrison (no wonder he loves it so much), Mike Mignola and others.

The art? No complaints in that department. Ba does a wonderful job with these characters and concepts.

Although disappointed, I’m hopeful about Way’s next project. The guy can write, that much is clear. Now, he just needs to develop his voice.