Review: Invincible #62

Invincible #62

Last issue, we found out what Conquest is. And what he is, is the badass Viltrumite of badass Viltrumite’s. The entirety of this issue is spent watching Mark and Conquest beat on each other. It was a good issue. I can’t really comment on the plot much, because there wasn’t much plot to comment on. All I know is that I love Mark, and Conquest is a hell of a villain. I still want to know how he lost his eye and arm.

What I can comment on, is Ottely’s art. I neglect to do so at times because I think he’s so consistently good. I read an interview with Ottley where he said that his work on early issues was bad. I was stunned. I don’t remember Ottely’s art looking poor. Sure enough, I looked back on earlier issues, and I have to say, the man has really improved. Want proof? Go read or reread Invincible #60. The man had to pack so much action, characters, and emotion into a small space, and he succeeded.

Kirkman, in his usual afterword, expressed his dislike of comic fans who cry “It only took five minutes to read.” I agree. I know several fans that do this, and it bugs me. Why would you just read the words and glance at the art? THIS IS COMICS! Gaze at that art. You’re paying for it, and you deserve it. So, this issue didn’t contain much dialogue, no doubt pleasing the fans who complain that Kirkman is “too wordy,” but it was still good. And Ryan Ottely is the reason why.

Grade: B-

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Review: Invincible #61 – Spoilers!

Invincible #61


This is Invincible War: Aftermath. So, of course, after all the craziness, things slllloooowwww dooowwwnnn. Mark is depressed, understandably so. How would the world feel if a bunch of versions of you destroyed everything? Powerplex shows up again (Wow. That was quick. Is this guy the new Mauler Twins?). Eve is hurt, so Mark meets her parents. The Starro-like-things subplot is mentioned again. A new Guardians of the Globe team is discussed. Oh, and Conquest shows up. Who is Conquest? A badass Viltrumite, complete with a scarred eye. I loved Mark’s reaction: “The only thing I’ve wanted since all of this happened was something to hit as hard as I can.” I have a friend who grieved recently, and he felt the same thing. It’s a good time to be an Invincible fan. Jump on the trolley, now!

That kind of scares me, though. That’s also the cover to Invincible #64. Ever since that Walking Dead cover with Tyreese, all of Kirkman’s covers seem accurate to me. PLEASE DON”T KILL EVE, KIRKMAN!

Review: Invincible #58 – Spoilers!

Invincible #58


Again, I have to make this a spoiler review because I would just repeat myself if I always have to just talk about how great it is. This issue had a 16-panel grid page structure so a lot was packed in. That made this is a fantastic issue!  So much so, I’m doing a page-by-page review. Enjoy!

Pages 1-2: I’m not the only one who thinks Oliver is going to go bad, am I? This first page provides another creepy moment. “You’ll be faster than me in no time” and then an interesting look on Kid Omni-Man’s face. Then a smoking hot Eve walks out of a prison. I wonder what she did for Mark. Stay tuned!

Pages 3-4: Man do I love Monster Girl! She’s so awesome! Robot may have found a cure? That’s great! The faster the disturbing thought of Robot and Monster Girl having sex gets out of my head the better. Immortal and Dupli-Kate are buying a place together and they may have children? Um, first of all, he’s really old. Does his plumbing still work down there? Second, what happens to Dupli-Kate and pregnancy? Do all of her dupes get pregnant too? Or if only one does, how many does Dupli-Kate want? I guess that’s an easy way to have two kids quick. But what if she has twins? I hope Immortal has the cash!

Pages 5-6: Wow, Eve looks hot again! Sorry, but Ottley’s art is fantastic and FCO’s colors make things phenomenal! Then we check up on Aquarus? Why was this here? I mean, I guess Kirkman is planning to do something with him soon, but this seems like Kirkman abusing the format. He could have made this page better.

Pages 7-8: Eve has a surprise for Mark (What is it already?) and Eve’s nemesis sucks (Which was kind of funny), moving on.

Pages 9-10: Invincible finds out about the surprise (And we still don’t know what it is). Shapesmith tricks Art the tailor. Now that was funny.

Pages 11-12: Darkwing feels bad about killing. So I guess we’re supposed to root for Cecil’s team too, Kirkman? Ah, finally, we learn what this surprise is all about. Invincible is now a hero for hire. Working for prisons and stuff he’ll get money to buy a place for his woman. That’s cool.

Pages 13-14: Mark lays Eve down by the fire. Does this mean we’ll see Allen the Alien? Damn it! No Allen on the next page, it’s just Oliver and his teacher. Was this moment creepy or do I just have a dirty mind? His teacher talks about how much she likes the kid and how she’ll never stop teaching him. That’s ok. He then says “I like you, too”. That’s still fine, but then she asks “Where is your mother?” Doesn’t that sound a bit perverse?

Pages 15-16: Invincible catches one of those Angstrom Levy balls. We then check up on the astronaut with all the squid-aliens. Heck, he even says “soon”. I told you there was a lot in this issue.

Pages 17-18: So this is where Monster Girl supposedly gets cured. But see, I always think of Robot as a villain. Remember when he was all sinister for a moment there? And maybe it’s also because I just read Secret Invasion where the Wasp got something that supposedly helped her, but it then almost killed everybody. I just have a feeling that something bad will come from this.

Pages 19-20: I love the page with all the alternate Mark’s. They all have familiar color schemes. So I guess we’ll always like the same colors no matter what reality? There’s a full on Viltrumite Mark, complete with a mustache. There’s like a burned one, and a non-superhero one, and an Omni-Man one. I think my favorite might be the Morrison/Quitely-esque Mark with the Travis Bickle (From Taxi Driver) hairstyle. And then of course we get the full-page-splash of Angstrom with a funky new costume and he says the classic villain line, “It’s a start”.

Bruce Castle Presents: Invincible & Wolf-Man Team Up!

Invincible #57

Invincible #57 (***1/2)

Invincible Super Fun Happy Team-Up Go! So Mark investigates that camera thing that spied on him last issue. He checks on Cecil because who else would spy on him? Maybe the person you think is dead, Mark? This is comics, kid. Get used to this nonsense. Anyway, Cecil has a job for him. Go check on Wolfie. “Okey doke” says Mark. He fights a big giant with Wolf-Man and then is all “I’m here to get you, bitch”. And Gary’s all, “Dude I was OJ’d”. So they fly to Cecil’s pad and violence ensues. Next issue (Was that a spoilers review? Oh well, sue me).

Astounding Wolf-man #11

Astounding Wolf-Man #11 (***1/2)

Things resolve. That’s the end of my summary, now the “real” review. This was a decent team-up, but far from great. I think it was more Kirkman trying to get his Invincible readers on Wolf-Man. Or maybe for his Invincible readers to stop reading just the trades. There are a few cool things though. So usually the heroes start as enemies and then unite to fight a common foe, right? But here, there’s only one punch. They’re pretty much on the same side the whole time which leads to the other cool thing. Gary and Mark have a lot in common. They both got screwed by their “friends”. It’s humorous of course when we start to realize this. Don’t worry, this stuff isn’t bad, but it does seem to be a dip in quality for both books. But hey, I can’t complain much. Both issues came out in the same week and we already had an issue of Invincible and Wolf-Man this month. Yay Kirkman!

Bruce Castle Presents: Teen Heroes Have Girl Troubles!

Invincible #54 (****1/2)

Gosh this book looks pretty. I know I’ve said that in like every review of this book since FCO Plascencia took over, but it’s so true! And without the art being so amazing this issue wouldn’t be nearly as good. After all, the last five pages of this book are practically wordless. This is one of those fun future stories that gets the hero thinking about stuff. It doesn’t seem stale and it’s entertaining which is good enough for me. Oh, and the crazy violence continues. Seriously, Kirkman is writing as fine as ever, but the art is a big big plus.

Ultimate Spider-Man #127 (***1/2)

This is one of those issues that would probably be extremely awesome if I had just read the entire series. However, since it’s been a couple of years since I’ve reread this series, I’m a bit less impressed. Still, I think the issue is pretty good. I’m always a big fan of planning (or at least something that seems planned) and that’s the feeling I got after reading this. My main complaint is that this arc already seemed weak. This issue is almost a complete departure from the arc and yet it concludes in #128?! Weird. But to close on a positive note, I feel like I give Immonen too hard a time on this series (read Nextwave for some awesome Immonen art), but he did a really good job this time. I have to give credit where credit is due.