Review – X-O Manowar: By the Sword

Robert Venditti and Cary Nord team up for a thrilling action title that’s equal parts Nova and Conan, a combination that works shockingly well.

XO Man

Unlike with Harbinger, where I knew and understood the basic premise of the book going in, I really had no idea what to expect with X-O Manowar. Now, it’s kind of difficult to discuss the book in any serious manner without spoiling a major plot twist late in the book – albeit a plot twist that is both essential to the book’s basic concept and one that is basically given away on the cover of the collection – but for purists who want to go in utterly spoiler-free, I’ll just say this: X-O Manowar: By the Sword is good. Very good, even.  And while this introductory volume serves as little more than set-up for a number of plots to play out in the months and years to come, it’s extremely competent set-up with fantastic art, a killer premise, and a number of intriguing conflicts, both internal and external, in the making. It is absolutely worth checking out.

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