Review: Green Lantern #42

The Words: Johns, as he has in all of the “Prelude to Blackest Night” issues, spoon-feeds us a lot of information. Johns sold me on this series long ago, so, of course, the exposition is fascinating to me. And those jumping on board for the mega-event shouldn’t be too lost. What’s interesting is that this issue is as goofy as Johns has ever been on this series. Do you even remember when this book was wacky? It got very serious during the “Sinestro Corps” stuff, which was basically a war comic, but this issue features a half-dozen moments that will either leave you chuckling or booing. I fell into the former category.

The Pictures: Oh, lord. This issue is even more of an artistic mess than last issue. There are two completely different art teams working here. That’s right, two pencilers, two inkers, and two colorists. There’s no rhyme or reason to the change in art, and the effect is jarring. Oh, and Hal’s two rings change places as well. Tan might be a slow artist. Or maybe he was busy or DC screwed him, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m looking forward to Doug Mahnke’s future issues even more right now.

Final Word: I had fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed the “Blackest Night” info and hints. However, the poor art and sheer goofiness may repel some readers. 

Grade: C+

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Top 5 Best Comics of May 2009!

Continuing the feature I started last month, here’s my list! I read 17 comics in May, and these were the best.


5. Green Lantern #41

I’m sorry. I haven’t written a review for this comic, and two others on my list, but this was a great Green Lantern issue. This issue, like most of the Johns-penned Blackest Night preludes, is packed with interesting information. On top of that, Johns continues to make Larfleeze (Larfreeze sounds so much cooler) a really interesting villain. But the absolute awesomeness of this issue can be found on the last page. Oh, what a last page.


4. Irredeemable #2

Oh, I love this feeling in comics. The book is new, and it just feels like the best thing ever. Ok, so Irredeemable isn’t flawless, but it’s a damn fine book. When we reflect on the man’s career, this could be the best Mark Waid comic. He’s writing the hell out of this book.

Here’s my review.


3. Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6

It’s sad. I think a lot of people dismissed this after the delays. I can certainly understand their reason for doing so, but if you did drop this book early, you missed out on a great series. Lindelof, while being a bit too unchained, actually wrote Wolverine and Hulk as fully fleshed-out characters. You know where they stand. And it’s so refreshing that the real “Wolverine vs. Hulk” of this series was much more psychological, instead of just a flurry of punching. Yu’s art is easy on the eyes as well.


2. The Walking Dead #61

Often thought of as my favorite ongoing series, instead of thinking “Will this issue be good?” I wonder “Just how good will this issue be?” This is definitely in the top-tier of The Walking Dead issues. There’s some bad stuff that happens here. If you aren’t reading this series, you should be.

Here’s my review.


1. Wolverine #72

Wow! Two Wolverine books in one month? That never happens! That’s because, with so many damn Wolverine books, most of them are repetitive and/or mediocre at best. But that’s exactly why “Old Man Logan” is so good. Millar takes a character that has been severely overused, and breathes some new life into him. Ok, so his actual characterization of Wolverine is more like Clint Eastwood than anything else, but this is a Wolverine story that is actually innovative. This series is packed with off-beat, fresh ideas. Oh, and Steve McNiven’s art is GORGEOUS!

So there it is! Agree? Disagree? Please, let me know!

April’s list

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