Review: Winter Soldier #2

Winter Soldier #1 ended with an amusing bang last week by having a gorilla mercenary open fire upon Winter Solider and Black Widow whilst yelling, “Death to America!” in flawless Russian.  The second issue begins exactly where the first left off in a showdown with the aforementioned gorilla mercenary.  Winter Soldier and Black Widow get outsmarted by the gorilla and in a Thunderball-esque exit the gorilla escapes via jetpack.

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Samuel L. Jackson Suggests SHIELD Film

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Samuel L. Jackson signed on for a pretty stunning NINE picture deal with Marvel.  We’ve seen him a few times whatever, and we’ll almost assuredly see him in both The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers, very probably playing a much more sizable role than he has in the Iron Man features, but Jackson is now saying that (in an interview on Radio Big Boy, which I got from Cinema Blend), following a successful Avengers film, SHIELD won’t be far behind.  Jackson also confirmed that he will not be appearing in the upcoming Thor film.

Top 5 Best Comics of March 2010


I read 17 comics in March, and these were the best.

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