Review: Batman #685

Batman #685


Things I Like: Though this is really the second part of a story, both this issue and last can be read as singular stories. Good for you, Dini. Both this issue and the last Detective have embraced the Faces of Evil format. These villains are actually the main character. Again, that’s very awesome. This issue also mentioned the Black Glove and Batman’s imprisonment in Final Crisis. This is the only Last Rites book that has mentioned Morrison’s work. There’s a bit of a twist in this issue and it was very pleasing.

Things I Didn’t Like: I’m not a fan of Nguyen’s art. Though it certainly gets the job done, it is merely passable to me. While this issue did mention some Morrison-continuity, it also spoke of Bruce as if he was missing. There is no way in hell he would be thought of as missing after the way his death looked in Final Crisis. I blame DC for this, not Dini. “Enjoy it while you can, Kyle. It won’t be long before I show you there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” That’s straight from this issue. That is horribly bad writing!

Final Verdict: A decent but ultimately forgettable tale. Only recommended if you’re looking for a quick and fun read.

Review: Detective Comics #852

Detective Comics #852


Last time we saw Hush he was shamed, beaten and broke. He also looked like Bruce Wayne. Think about it. What would you do if you looked like Donald Trump? Well, you’d probably do something with your ridiculous hair first, but after that what would you do if you looked like someone rich and powerful. Hush explores those lucrative possibilities.

This is the first issue of Faces of Evil that I’ve read. It’s DC’s new month long event. Basically, villains have hijacked the titles. Batman isn’t in this issue at all, but at least we have someone who looks like Bruce Wayne. Paul Dini writes a fascinating tale. I love villain books. So a POV look at Hush’s life interests me. We witness a man trying to gain maybe not his life, but at least his fortune back. And of course he’s more than happy that nearly all the money he’s stealing is from Bruce. There are many special moments that make this issue grand. Besides being well-written, we also get a brief look at an Australian superhero. Hey, any excuse to get “Oi!” in my comic is fine by me.

The jury is still out on Nguyen’s art. He’s a fine storyteller. That much is certain. But he’s just too stylized for me at times. Flipping through this issue, there are several panels that work well and several that don’t. I guess I would say he’s an uneven artist. Still, even if you may find it displeasing I don’t think it can detract from Dini’s writing.

This is a two-part story. I won’t spoil the conclusion, but let’s just say it’s pretty obvious if you’ve seen the cover to Batman #685. The question is what that character will do to Hush. Will she kill him (Probably not)? Will she return to her villainous ways and join him? After seeing the quality of this issue, I’m eager to find out.

Review: Batman #684

Batman #684 (Variant Cover Edition)


No surprises here. As you could tell after the first part, this is forgettable filler. I would have been reading Batman anyway, but I feel bad for all the fans who bought this thinking it was essential to Battle for the Cowl. Again, Batman is gone in this issue, but he might as well be on vacation in Tahiti. This is nothing more than a Nightwing solo story. But hey, it’s not terrible. This is Dennis O’Neil back on Batman folks. It also has incredibly captivating art from a Mr. Guillem March. He’s a newcomer, but I hope to see more from him in the future. Oh, we also got a new character out of this story, but I highly doubt she’ll come up again. Although now that I’ve said that, I’m sure she’ll be the one who gets Batman’s cowl.

Bruce Castle Presents: Batman vs. Daredevil!

Large Cover of Batman #683

Batman #683 (****)

Morrison’s retelling continues. We get to see the shirtless Neal Adams Batman again. The world gets darker for Bruce. The issue ends promising the Dark Knight’s last adventure in Final Crisis #6, but as Morrison has proved over the last few years, Batman can’t die. Even in this issue, Batman continues to beat everyone. It doesn’t matter that Dark Space Gods are trying to screw with his brain, he’s Batman. He’ll always win. He can even make his enemies turn against each other. One of the many gems in this issue is an alternate reality where Bruce never dressed up like a bat. Do you remember that great episode of the 90’s cartoon? It’s kind of like that. Bruce is a bit of a pansy. He even gets conned. Oh, and something bad happens to Dick. Heck, the Joker doesn’t even exist. It’s kind of the Batman version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This is a fitting end to at least the first chapter of Morrison’s Batman epic.

Large Cover of Daredevil #114 (Villain Variant)

Daredevil #114 (****1/2)

We’re half way there. I still don’t know how this will end. What I do know is that this is Brubaker’s best Daredevil arc. Matt continues to get dragged through the muck. There is no happiness. There is no hope. Every glimmer of happiness gets ripped away from him. He even thinks about living in a cave in this issue. Get away from the people he cares about and just be Daredevil full time. Will he lose Milla soon? Will he lose Dakota? And I haven’t even talked about his villain problems yet. Along with the main players, an additional cast of interesting characters are present. Heck, we even get a new villain. I’m still not sure how I feel about Lady Bullseye yet. All she’s had to be so far is threatening. At least she’s achieved that. So if you’ve thought about getting back into Daredevil’s whacky adventures, now is the time.

Bruce Castle Presents: The Invincible Detective

Invincible #56

Invincible #56 (***1/2)

The…art…is…so…pretty. Sorry I had to wipe the drool from my mouth. We get to see Eve naked in this issue. Well, comic book naked, which of course means all the good parts are conveniently covered. This is probably the worst issue since the revamp, but the new colors are so beautiful I hardly cared. Simply put, Mark finds Amber with a messed up face and he gets mad. That’s pretty much all the new info we get in this issue. Besides the art, I’m also not too bumbed because I just heard that Kirkman is going to cram an entire crossover into Invincible #60. Cool, right

 Detective Comics #851 (Variant Cover Edition)

Detective Comics #851 (***)

Dennis O’Neil on Batman? Check. Last Rites tag? Check. The story is called “Last Days of Gotham”? Check. This has to be awesome, right? Wrong, it’s just mediocre. That’s sad, isn’t it? Do we need another Nightwing and Two-Face story? A new character is introduced, that’s cool. But it’s some lame female Two-Face character. She is pretty though, which leads me to the art. Guillem March is a newcomer who I guess drew some Poison Ivy thing. That makes perfect sense because he draws the female form the best. Sure this new character looks like Charlize Theron at times, but she is pretty. March’s style looks very cartoony, kind of like Anime. I liked it well enough. But the main problem here is still the story. Did anyone think this would just be usual filler? Gaiman’s issues can’t be like this too, can they? Nah.