Review: The Unwritten #10

As The Unwritten‘s third arc begins, Carey and Gross take us to a profoundly strange place.  At the end of “The Inside Man”, Tom and his new companions escaped the rioting prison housing them all by means of magic doorknob.  They left in their wake a great deal of devastation, a pair of profoundly tragic deaths and a powerful enemy none of them know anything about.  But as always, The Unwritten never takes you where you think you’ll end up, and in this case, that means #10 begins with the three wanderers dropped in a dreamlike version of Hitler’s Germany, learning about an obscure story co-opted by the Nazi propaganda machine.

I have praised the art of The Unwritten before, and while Gross and his team, including Jimmy Broxton and Christ Chuckry here, are getting more confident, the action remains slightly stilted.  That said, The Unwritten generally bypasses that my focusing on the drama and the atmosphere, and those are two things Gross & Co. do quite well, a talent that comes in handy in the dreamy half-world of the current arc.

The Unwritten continues to be one of the strongest titles on the shelves.  Smart, fast and literate, Carey and Gross have crafted an unpredictable adventure.  “Jud Suss”, the newest arc, follows the same pattern as before: even as the story moves forward, the setting continues to get deeper and more elaborate.  The issue ends on a shocking moment, but even if it hadn’t, my response would be the same.  I can’t wait for more.

Grade: A-

– Cal Cleary


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