Review: Flash: Rebirth #3


Since the Wally-lover handled the last issue, I thought it’d be a nice change of pace if an actual Barry-lover (Yes, I’m a hundred years old, you young whippersnapper) reviewed this issue. Having said that, let’s get the bad out of the way first.

The Bad: This issue came with the promise of some kind of big Superman/Flash race. Yeah, that lasts about a splash-page, fitting, I suppose, since the Flash is so damn fast. However, where this issue does seem to meander a bit is in Barry himself. Now, as a big fan of Barry’s, I couldn’t be happier, but some of the youngins have never read a single Barry comic. Will they care? Probably not. To them, they’re paying to see an old man reminisce about bow ties. And what doesn’t help is the fact that we’ve seen so little action so far.

The Good: Johns has done a good job of modernizing Barry. He’s from the Silver Age. Barry is a consummate hero, and that’s “boring” to today’s audiences. So, Johns’ main goal is to try to give Barry new purpose. We’re seeing the part Barry plays in the Flash family dynamic. We see that Barry still has an unsolved case to solve. We may also see the return of some old Barry villains. Also, the fact that Barry himself keeps asking “Why am I here?” is a very smart move in that it helps answer the fan’s questions, and makes him more relatable. Though every issue has been near-actionless, at least they all have a cool last page. This one is no different. Oh, and Sciver is still rendering the best work of his career.

Final Word: This is the best issue yet. As a Barry fan, I’m happy and touched to see Barry alive and running again. I just worry about the Wally and Bart fans. Johns has tried to please them, but I’m not sure they’re sold yet.

Grade: A-

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