Divided We Fall review & Spider-Man WTF!?

I should have gotten to these a week ago, but they sadly melted into a pile of papers and cards on my desk until now.  As for why I’m going through these out of the blue, I’m really not sure, but it probably has to deal with my recent run through of Ultimate Spider-Man volume 1, curriosity, and a general wonder how Steve will take to a new Spider-Man…
Expect some spoilers…
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Justice League Unlimited: Season 1, Eps. 22-25

“Question Authority”, “Flashpoint”, “Panic in the Sky”, “Divided We Fall”

No, that is not DCnU villain "Computerhead"

Yes, the Question did throw a computer monitor at that man's head.

The four-part story-arc that concludes Justice League Unlimited‘s Cadmus arc that has been running in the background all season is the best Justice League movie you’re going to get.  Running at just under 90 minutes, the set of episodes that begins with “Question Authority” and ends with “Divided We Fall” meets all the beats required of a superhero movie while still acting as four distinct, satisfying episodes.  In many ways, these episodes represent the culmination of the DCAU – a piece of stylish, serialized action storytelling is true to its characters and tells a coherent, thrilling story that calls back to the many years of continuity it built itself without demanding viewers be familiar with any or all of it.

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