Review: Mystic #4

Mystic #4, cover by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

It’s no secret that, for the last couple months, DC has owned the comics narrative.  If you were talking mainstream, monthly comic books, you were talking about the New 52 – and with good reason!  But if there’s something I regret about how focused I was on DC’s new offerings (and there’s very little I regret about it), it’s this: books like Marvel’s recently concluded Mystic fell slightly by the wayside.  And believe me when I say, G. Willow Wilson’s take on Mystic is one of the strongest mini-series’ released this year.

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Review: Ruse #4

When Marvel released Sigil a few months back, it came as something of a surprise to me.  I hadn’t been aware that Marvel would be doing anything with the CrossGen properties they’d inherited from Disney, but I was legitimately excited when I found out they were.  CrossGen may have been a bad company, but they put out a lot of very good books, particularly in genres traditionally underrepresented in comics.  One of the strongest examples of that was Ruse, a rock-solid example in Victorian-era detective fiction, Sherlock Holmes with a twist.  And while Sigil‘s opening issue underwhelmed me, Ruse reminded me why I missed CrossGen so much.

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