Bruce Castle Presents: Thor Declares War on the Kingdom!

Thor Man Of War

Thor Man of War (*****)

Ok, if you love Thor or fun comics you should definitely pick this up! Matt Fraction is in top form! Forget Punisher War Journal, forget Uncanny X-Men (This was the best selling comic at my LCS last week. Really? People love that book? Why?), this is Matt Fraction writing at its best! Well, Casanova when it comes back and Iron Man are great too, but the point is this comic kicks ass! And with your ass kicking you need some pretty art right? Well, Patrick Zircher is back and if you’ve read the previous two issues you know he’s awesome. The guest artist this time is Clay Mann. I’m not too familiar with his work, but he does a good job. I think he tried to channel Oliver Coipel, it may not be the real thing but it’s an acceptable substitute. So what can you expect in Thor Man of War? I’ll tell you. I guess these are spoilers, but I don’t think it will detract from your enjoyment if you know these.

Thor fights Brunnhilda!

Thor, Brunnhilda, Balder, the Warriors Three and some other Asgardians team up to fight a Storm Giant!

Odin in the Destroyer armor with the Odinsword fights Thor!

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JSA Kingdom Come Special The Kingdom #1

JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom (****1/2)

Everybody who’s reading JSA is reading this right? I hope so because these (This one especially, this is Day Five and Day Six) specials are important. Kudos to Pasarin and Eaglesham for creating one of the creepiest looking characters, Gog. I’d credit Johns too, but he gets enough praise, and Gog’s facial expressions are so unsettling. The story is the same Gog stuff. The subplots are still there with a KC Superman and Wonder Woman scene. We also check up on Starman (We still don’t know what he’s up to do we?) and the last page of the issue really speeds our story along. Hopefully those mislead members will see the error of their ways. Last thing, I also enjoyed the Damage (Who is such a jerky pretty boy!) and Atom Smasher exchange.

Bruce Castle Presents: Brubaker Likes Women

Daredevil #111 (****)

I surprisingly enjoyed this issue. I still think Brubaker’s run is overrated, but there’s a lot to love here. How cool is Dakota North? She’s prominently featured within these pages and it seems she’ll be in DD’s life for awhile. Looking through the issue, the thing I enjoyed most were the supporting characters. Iron Fist is in here and Bullseye is too. It’s just a flashback, but I miss Bullseye in Daredevil comics. I don’t think this new Lady Bullseye will be a good substitute, but she’s not as dreadful as she could be. This issue was very enjoyable and I hope Brubaker will keep it up. It seems like this will be an intriguing arc. Plus Dakota North is in here. Did I mention my Dakota North love?

Captain America #42 (****1/2)

Billy’s on the money with this one. In fact, I think he stole my thoughts, knocked me out, and then wrote his review first. I didn’t even realize this was the end of the arc until all the crazy stuff started happening. But really, Brubaker should have revealed a little more. It’s been 42 issues and we’re still in the dark. The sad part is I don’t think anything will be revealed anytime soon. At least Batroc will be in the next few issues. Any true Captain America fan knows that Batroc is Captain America’s true archenemy. I don’t care that Red Skull is a Nazi! I should read this series in trade, but sadly I’m too invested after 42 issues. Oh, something that will distinguish my review from Billy’s? I don’t like Bucky. Screw Bucky! Everyone else is cool, but to hell with him. The reason why this is in the “badass women” category is because of Sharon Carter and actually Sin too. Also, how cool are the villains in this book? You actually want them to win! Anyway, this was an awesome issue and if you’re not reading this series, pick it up in trade. If you are reading this series, stay strong.