Top Ten September 2009 Marvel Covers

10. Illustrated by Steve Epting

Ah! A man on fire is running at me!

9. Illustrated by Yanick Paquette

“My teeth are whiter!”

“No, my teeth are whiter!”

8. Illustrated by Stuart Immonen
What a striking cover! Is Luke Cage dying?

7. Illustrated by Mike Choi

This cover will stand out on the shelves. Why is X-23 in pieces?

6. Illustrated by Rafael Alberquerque

Mrs. Robinson, are you showing me your blue snatch?

5. Illustrated by Alan Davis

What is Reed Richards doing with the Infinity Gauntlet? And while Galactus is asleep? Eww…

4. Illustrated by Dave Johnson

Unique, striking, and well-drawn.

3. Illustrated by David Lafuente

So, this one time I got high while watching Spider-Man…

2. Illustrated by Skottie Young

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Skottie Young is a comedy genius.

1. Illustrated by Chris Bachalo

Poor Venom. It’s unique, funny, and wonderfully rendered. It reminds me of the end of “Grindhouse: Death Proof.” This is the end of the series. Will it end with Venom getting his ass thoroughly kicked? I kind of want to know. What a brilliant cover.

I ranked the DC covers last month. So, this was a nice change of pace. Who knows? I might even do the DC covers this month too.

That was my list. What’s yours?

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Review: New Avengers #52

New Avengers #52


The Good: The 12 pages of Chris Bachalo art. This is a magical tour of the Marvel U. I like Dr. Strange. I like The Hood.

The Bad: The 11 pages of Billy Tan art. This magical tour is done in the endless-talking, Bendis way. Dr. Strange continues to get his ass kicked. The Hood has been a bit overused in New Avengers, hasn’t he?

Final Word: For every positive, there is a negative. I actually feel bad for Billy Tan. I don’t like his art, but just about any artist would look mediocre or worse next to Chris Bachalo. I am fond of the characters, and I guess I’m fond of this book, as well. I must be reading it for some reason.