Review: Green Lantern Corps #6

Green Lantern Corps #6 finishes off the Corps’ first story arc of the new 52 by wrapping up some loose ends and posing some important questions of morality for the titles main characters.

When we last left off, John Stewart and two other Green Lanterns had been captured and are being tortured by the Keepers on their home world of Urak. The Keepers watched over the Green Lantern Corps’ power batteries when they were tucked away in their subspace pockets, but since the Guardians decreed that all Green Lanterns are directly responsible for the whereabouts of their power batteries the Keepers have lost their purpose and their planet has fallen into ruin without the power of the batteries. However, due to their prolonged exposure to the batteries the Keepers are all but immune to the Green Lantern’s power rings.

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Review: Swamp Thing #1

“Better late than never,” my Mum often says.  Perhaps no one understands this better than comic book fans in Australia.  While our peers in America are enjoying this week’s comics and writing new reviews, we’re waiting for our comics to arrive (fingers crossed for tomorrow).  And, since I don’t have anything better to do while I wait for said comics, I figured I’d review the one New 52 comic from last week that hasn’t been fully reviewed on read/rant as yet. 

“Last but not least,” is another Mum-ism … and that’s also a very apt description of Swamp Thing #1, which was comfortably one of the three best debut issues from the first two weeks of DCnU.

As always, there may be spoilers ahead.

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Review: Birds of Prey #5


We’re all big Gail Simone fans here at read/RANT.  Personally, I viewed the return of Gail’s Birds as the best comic book news I’d heard in years.  And yet, somehow I hadn’t gotten around to writing a BoP review since the book’s relaunch.

This week, I was determined to fix that.  After the first arc, I was sure this issue would kick off another can’t-miss adventure the way this month’s Secret Six #25 did.  But, it didn’t quite work out that way.

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Review: Brightest Day #10

From the beginning, I haven’t exactly be a big fan of Brightest Day.  I was disappointed by the “bait and switch” tactic the book seemed to be playing.  The title and promotional material seemed to imply a change in tone from the grim stories that lead up to it.  But the first issue made it clear that this story was as dark as anything that preceded it.

Worse still, the book has suffered from terrible pacing problems.  The popular theory is that Johns and Tomasi just haven’t been able to juggle the large cast and multiple (mostly unrelated) plot threads very well.  I would agree that this has definitely been a problem for the book so far.

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